The Party’s Not Over – House Party’s Second Expansion Pack Guest Teaser

With the House Party - Doja Cat Expansion Pack live, we're excited to share more information about the future of House Party!   Our next DLC will bring another real-life guest to the party, and this special someone is bringing a wild and steamy new story to the party!     It’s a blast bringing

The House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack is Now Available!

Play the Doja Cat Expansion Pack now! The real-life AMA and Grammy award-winning global superstar shakes up the original party, and Shit. Just. Got. Real.  https://youtu.be/nSJY43W2yBI You now have an invitation to help the renowned pop artist get into the party and uncover the secret identity of Dinolicious, a costumed online dancing sensation that

House Party 0.20.0 Released to Alpha Testers

To become a Patron and get early access to new House Party versions click here. Vickie's content is restructured and ready to explore! The order of some dialogues, availability of specific responses, and required actions to progress with Vickie have noticeably changed, and Opportunity UI texts/progress notes for Vickie's Opportunities ("Training Day" and "Good Guests