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House Party is an open-ended 3D social simulator mixed with a point-and-click adventure inspired by 80’s and 90’s  classic party films and comedy games like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island.  Every decision changes your story and every character has something to reveal. There’s also a button to take your pants off.

Once hailed as Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s worst game of 2017, House Party has been winning awards since it first emerged on the adventure game scene. This sexually charged, 3D point-and-click adventure is all about player choice and partying the way you want.


About Eek! Games

Eek! Games was founded by artist, musician, comedian, and Indie developer Bobby Ricci in 2015. Bobby is a lifelong fan of comedic adventure style games such as Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest, and set out to marry the old adventure style of these games with a modern and fresh sandbox type experience you’d find in today’s hit games like Grand Theft Auto and The Sims. Bobby’s founding vision for House Party was to create a comedy adventure with the most absurd characters he could think of as extreme parodies of various personalities that can at times, feel all too familiar. The player is tasked with navigating these personalities and making real in-game choices that affect everything around you to achieve different endings in the game. Whether you become friends, enemies, lovers, or life coaches to them is completely up to the player!

The game’s early access launch was an overnight sensation, initially selling over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks alone and continuing to 300,000 total sales during the first year. Since the early access launch, the game has now fully matured as an open-ended social simulator mixed with a point-and-click adventure inspired by classic comedies of the ’90s. Every decision changes your story, and every character has something to reveal. As of August 2019, the game met an exciting milestone, being sold to over half a million players worldwide. Now as of November 2021 the game has sold to over 900,000+ enthralled fans. In addition to our growing fanbase, over 9,000+ players have written Steam reviews with a 90% positive recent review rating as of this writing.

The team is continuously hard at work adding new features and content to the game.  Recently, and as an industry first, we have been adding real-life personalities and influencers as interactable guests at the party.  In 2019 Lety Does Stuff was added to the game, followed by the Game Grumps in 2020.  These content updates were an enormous hit with our fans and the creators’.  The Game Grumps published a series on YouTube that was hugely celebrated by their 6 million subscribers.  The “House Party” videos published by the Game Grumps achieved more than triple their average view counts on their YouTube page, as has been the trend with most influencers who cover the game. Today, as an early access title on Steam, “House Party” has continued to grow in popularity and has surpassed 700,000 total sales and is currently on more than 250,000 Steam user wishlists.  The full release of “House Party” is coming in 2022 and Eek! Games is planning new projects for everyone to enjoy in the future.

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One big house with hundreds of choices

Thousands upon thousands of dialogues and a growing roster of over 15+ characters, House Party’s gameplay starts with the conversations and grows with the decisions that are made along the way. With no true ending but dozens of ways to finish, the story is what you make it.

Dozens of stories and Custom Story Creator

To date, there are over 25 story opportunities to discover and complete, each telling a part of one of the many fun-filled stories that can play out. There are literally dozens of them!

Stories in House Party are customizable, and Eek! Games offers tools on their website to craft your own story including full dialogues, interactions, and logic dictating how the player’s night goes and import it into your game. Users are already creating and sharing stories on the game’s forum

Items and Interactions you won’t believe 

The house is jam-packed with over 50 items to interact with and change the environment around you. Sometimes you don’t even need items to cause a ruckus. House Party is an adult game, and your character comes fully “equipped” to make some chaos all on their own.

NPCs (Not-Boring Party Comrades)

House Party features 15 of the most interesting, reactive, HILARIOUS NPCs you’ll find in any game with the name “House” in the title. These partygoers all have their own motivations and opinions, which makes each of their reactions to your choices different.

You’ll be able to form friendships and relationships with these characters as you progress through the night, all of which is tracked by social gauges, just in case you’ve lost track of who’s digging your vibe and who’s only one wrong word away from knocking you the F%^# out.


Many of the stories in House Party will lead you into steamy encounters with the various partygoers of the night. House Party features fully interactive intimate encounters with changeable positions, we’ve created sexual encounters that speak to many audiences instead of just the boring traditionalists. Lady love, guy love, you’ll find it all here!

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