Ready for another taste of what’s coming in the new expansion?

Yet another appliance seems to have gone haywire at the party. What’s up with that? 

Given how not cool (pun intended) this is, Madison and Ashley head out to figure out what’s wrong with the damn thing.

Once they get there, though, both party hosts get a nasty surprise…

But, wait, did you think that was the only teaser we had for you, brahs?

We also wanted to share a picture from Liz Katz’s social media. Showing off her monday mood, it displays a bathtub equipped with giant tentacles. And, wait, what’s that on the ground beside it? Is that the House Party logo?

Let’s just say there’s something exciting on the way for everyone soon. 😉

Speaking of House Party merch, if it’s been a while since you’ve stopped by the Eek! Games merch store in a while, there’s some awesome new stuff in there to check out!

For example, if you ever wanted to bee as cute as Amy is, you can own your very own version of her classic in-game t-shirt. If you’ve ever wanted to support Patrick’s business endeavors, you can grab a “Brahzzers” shirt as well.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, partiers, but there’s much more on the way very soon. We hope you enjoyed our latest teaser video and everything else that we shared with you today. Catch you later, doods and lady-doods!