A lot of you doods have been asking us about Office Party lately, and we’re happy to say that we are still working on it alongside House Party!


Right now, Office Party still is in very early development. We are currently focused on planning and conceptualizing the game, while laying out the basic framework for gameplay features we would like to add. We’ve learned a lot throughout these past years of developing House Party, about what everyone likes and dislikes and what features many of you would like to see, and we are trying to take our time to carefully compile a detailed plan of everything Office Party should be before we move forward fully with dedicated development.


With that said, it will be a while before you see any sort of official screenshots, teaser videos, or playable demos of Office Party. We have a long journey ahead, but we are excited to build an exciting new game for everyone that will be even bigger and more dynamic than House Party!



If you would like to support our development or view early not-fit-for-public-consumption in-progress development screenshots, we will be posting updates every so often on our Patreon. You can visit it here. The lowest monthly tier will unlock many of our early screenshots, while our higher-level tiers will provide greater benefits (such as access to polls and exclusive early testing builds) further down the road.


What we have shared and will be sharing about Office Party privately on Patreon:

  • Very early proof-of-concept and in-progress art screenshots
  • Early information on any House Party characters you might see returning in Office Party (like Madison, pictured above)
  • Early discussions about features, characters, items, and locations that will be coming to Office Party
  • Backstage Q&As with Bobby (House Party’s Creator) and other members of our development team
  • Exclusive Polls for High-Tier Patrons deciding on certain things that will be coming to the game
  • And much more…


We hope you are all stoked for House Party’s sequel! Thanks for joining us on another awesome journey!

Get exclusive early sneak peeks now: https://www.patreon.com/eekgames