The House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack is Now Available!

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Play the Doja Cat Expansion Pack now!

The real-life AMA and Grammy award-winning global superstar shakes up the original party, and Shit. Just. Got. Real. 

You now have an invitation to help the renowned pop artist get into the party and uncover the secret identity of Dinolicious, a costumed online dancing sensation that Doja Cat wants to feature in her upcoming music video. But don’t say we didn’t warn you: making a music video with this band of drunk or disorderly partygoers won’t be easy. You’ll need to make the right choices and be resourceful to help it go viral.

You can watch her react to events around the party, overhear fresh new background conversations from your favorite NPCs, and maybe even spark a bit of romance with Doja Cat herself.  And you just know Frank has something to say about this new guest, too. Hmm … wonder how that will turn out?


This DLC also showcases three of Doja Cat’s hit songs by tying them into the gameplay and integrating them into the story.  Other highlights include:

  • Hours of content, scenes, and stories featuring Doja Cat

  • Multiple endings and side quests

  • Two stunning “Amala” and “Doja Cat” NPC models

  • Hundreds of lines of new dialogues voiced by Doja Cat herself

  • Interactions with the Original Story and base game NPCs


All of your favorite partiers are still at the party. And now Doja Cat is there.  But the party can’t start without you!  So let’s gooooo!!!

Get the House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack here!

House Party 0.21.0 Released to Beta Testers

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Beta 0.21.0 is here, doods!

If you’ve kept an eye on our Early Access roadmap, you’ll know since Vickie’s content is fully complete, we’re now working on our December polish update before we add the female playable character to the game.

This update includes preliminary support for Valve’s Steam Deck that releases this coming February, so you guys can experience partying on the Deck as soon as it launches! It also adds a rough initial version of support for a variety of other controllers. XInput controllers (which includes Xbox), as well as the Logitech F301 and Playstation 4 (Dual Shock), have had recent development progress made in this update. We’re on our way to full controller support, doods!

Besides troubleshooting and laying the groundwork for the new controller input system, we spent our time this month going through and adding much-needed polish, performance optimizations, bug fixes, and quality of life updates. We want to make everything shiny before we add the new female character! 

We also added a New Game intro cutscene, cutscenes for Derek and Ashley’s finales and completed the Italian translation of Vickie’s ending. Enjoy partying in Italian and the new cutscenes!

We should probably also mention that this December update won’t follow our standard release cycle. The next update after this will be our polish update’s Stable Release. 

Get excited, brahs, because we’re super close to starting work on the female character!

Also… Happy New Year!

– Eek Team

Note: Placeholders may be present for dialogue and assets, and language translations may be incomplete. Older save files may also not be compatible and custom stories may no longer function as intended.

Note on Controller Support:

If you run into any significant trouble with the below, you may need to temporarily use your keyboard/mouse.

-Disclaimer screen may not respond to controller input

-Some UIs may not respond as expected with a controller, or may get “stuck” if using a controller

-You can’t rebind controller buttons/sticks in the Input Configuration menu

-A handful of keyboard/mouse buttons are still not properly configurable in the Input Configuration menu

-Some scrolbars are unresponsive to controller input

-Contrast and element selection issues make UI navigation awkward

-Chairs, beds, etc. can be hard to sit in with the controller



House Party 0.20.3 Stable Release

Boots on the ground, troopers! The long-awaited Vickie ending (House Party version 0.20.3) is here. Thanks for your patience as our team worked to put together and polish her steamy new content!

Unless you’ve been living deep inside your man-cave for the past couple of months, you already know that Vickie’s update brings sexalicious threesomes to the party. Complete Vickie’s Training and she’ll now give you the opportunity to convince another NPC to join you and her in a scorching hot ménage à trois.

Relationships matter when it comes to schmoozing your favorite partygoers, so be sure to get on good terms with NPCs before you try to flirt their pants off. Some sexaholics like your good ol’ brah Pat and Vickie-obsessed fanboy Frank won’t turn you down even if they hate your guts, but other NPCs (like lovable southern belle Brittney and domineering sexy genius Katherine) won’t even consider you if you haven’t been intimate with them. Most of the other partiers will reject a threesome offer unless you’re a charismatic god. If you work for it, though, you’ll be in for a spicy new array of intimacy rewards, animations, and cutscenes.

Vickie’s crotch-melting story content aside, we also listened to feedback from all of you awesome doods about how you’ve been hearing a lot of the same ambient NPC conversations around the house. We get it. We know you’re playing for a while chasing those achievements, so we freshened up the background chatter with a variety of clues about hidden items, NPC backstories, and endgame story content.

Not only that, but we heard your requests for more guidance around the party. We know with House Party being such an open sandbox game, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to perform certain actions or approach various in-game Opportunities. In previous updates, we added an awesome new Opportunity menu, but alongside Vickie’s finale we introduced a variety of in-game Tutorials to help, too. Opt into these by clicking the check box in the Main Menu or Title Screen UI. They’ll show up one time while playing, and you can reset them manually in the Main Menu. Here’s hoping this helps all of our brahs have an easier time exploring the party!

For those of you who follow our social media and testing update posts, you’re well aware that our team took longer than expected to release this update. Did we mention how amazing you dudes are for being so supportive and patient? Anyway, this was because we added a fuckton of polish to Vickie’s content and House Party overall. With each passing day, we’re getting closer to releasing the game from Early Access, and it’s important to us that we release a quality final version of House Party that our community is happy with. If you’re curious about every little thing we fixed and spruced up, check out the patch notes below.

Anyway, fuck reading! What you really want to do is go check out the threesomes, right? Enjoy, dudes, and be sure to let us know what you think about Vickie’s finale!

– Eek Team



House Party 0.20.0 Released to Alpha Testers

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Vickie’s content is restructured and ready to explore! The order of some dialogues, availability of specific responses, and required actions to progress with Vickie have noticeably changed, and Opportunity UI texts/progress notes for Vickie’s Opportunities (“Training Day” and “Good Guests Gone Bad”) have been updated and improved.

Best of all, when you complete Vickie’s Training, she’ll now offer to help convince your favorite NPC to join you and her in a smoking hot threesome! With new threesome cutscenes and five new threesome animations, there’s a ton of arousing intimacy rewards to enjoy.

Be sure to bring your best schmoozing skills to the table to unlock these steamy rewards, because some NPCs will be more difficult to convince than others. Sure, a few…”enthusiastic” partiers will jump at a shot with you and Vickie, but for others you’re gonna have to put in some work to increase their feelings of friendship and romance towards you. And for a few even pickier doods, be ready to help them with big tasks before they get naughty with you and Ms. Vixen!

Listen closely to the background chatter for a variety of clues about hidden items, NPC backstories, and endgame story content, too. There are a lot of fresh conversations to hear around the house!

Want help navigating the party? Check out the wide variety of new tutorials in the Original Story. You can opt into these via the check box in the Main Menu or Title Screen UI. By default, they’ll show up once while playing and can be reset using a button in the Main Menu. 

You may notice additional story changes, as well:

  • Once Vickie arrives or Rachael’s dares are complete, there’s now closure for why no more dares will occur. 
  • If you’ve been nice to Katherine, she’ll give you back Patrick’s phone instead of keeping it. 
  • “Hey, go over there” dialogues are changed for several characters, so when/how these options present themselves may be affected based on ongoing content/Player decisions. 
  • And if Frank gets knocked out during the first Derek Smash! fight, you’ll no longer have to complete the rest of the Derek Smash! content. Just get in there and back up your buddy!

We also upgraded to Unity 2020 as part of this release, so you dudes will be the first set of players to test House Party built using Unity 2020, and we reworked the input configuration UI as a precursor to introducing full controller support. Full controller support isn’t quite here yet, but we’re laying down the framework for it.

Have fun playtesting the new ending, doods. We’re working hard to get Vickie’s finale all wrapped up in 0.20, and then we’ve got even more awesome shit coming. The female playable character will not be available in this update, but we’re planning to start working on her once Vickie’s new content is complete!

  • Eek Team

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. No translations for this version have been completed at this time.

(Alpha 9/2/2021)


House Party 0.19.4 Stable Release

Do you have the balls to handle the new update? The fully complete Frank story is LIVE, dudes, and his 20 pound softball-sized crotch ornaments of pure muscle are the talk of the party! This is one of our largest updates (over 20% more content since the last major update) and we promise it’s all worth the junk-achingly long wait!

Around the party, you’ll hear new background chatter about Frank. Chat with him directly and you can choose to explore his story where feelings are shattered, naughty bits are revealed, and the party uncovers the true worth of a man’s meat-danglers. The update adds a bunch of gameplay, a major branching ending, and 5 Original Story Opportunities — one of which results in a much deeper bond with Frank.

Watch Derek shake his booty on the dance floor by challenging him to a dance-off! The man’s got serious moves, and you’ll need to find a creative solution to get past him to progress Frank’s story. Good thing there are helpful items and people at the party that can turn the tide in your favor!

All new voice acting for Frank’s update is complete and all missing VA from previous updates has been added!

There are two new ultra-secret items hidden around Madison’s place that can help you win Frank’s affection. And if you DO max out your Friendship with Frank…well, let’s just say he’ll be extra grateful to anyone who goes above and beyond!

BEEP, BOOP… Did we mention Compubrah can now scan Frank? Be sure to check out the wacky new gameplay, and enjoy the stat-boosting benefits!

We nerfed Frank and Leah’s alcohol detection so you can drink slightly closer to them, and if you finish Frank’s storyline and stay platonic BFFs, he and Leah will be more forgiving of booze-related transgressions. Or, if you drive Frank out of the party completely, ALL alcohol-related actions will be forgiven throughout the playthrough!

If you don’t beat up Frank at the end of Leah’s “evil” route for “Broken Code”, you’ll be rewarded for sparing him. Also, practicing your climax skills in Vickie’s “Training Day” Opportunity now earns bonuses to your intimacy recharge rate.

A new cutscene-style intimacy system is here, too! Frank, Katherine, Rachael, and Vickie now all have awesome, unique “finales.” We also added a static cutscene for the Master Bedroom for characters that can get intimate there. Don’t miss this sweet new theater-style content! And, no worries, if you guys prefer the original POV intimacy system, it’s still available via a toggle option in the Main Menu.

We also optimized performance and spruced up the gameplay graphics. These include bug fixes, cleaner aesthetics, improvements to the “missed” Opportunities UI, character model adjustments, and updates for the hot tub so it now looks AND sounds bubbly. Autosaves and the explicit DLC are reliably working again, too, and you can now manually increase your in-game FOV.

Our player community also got House Party fully translated into Turkish! French is all set, too, and we will update additional languages as soon as we can.

Overall, the party’s now fully equipped with an all-new wonderful, dramatic, hilarious, and disgusting experience. The full, unfiltered Frank experience. Enjoy, dudes.

– Eek Team

Patch Notes: https://housepartygame.com/release-notes/

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Translations may have slight cosmetic bugs and be fully or partially incomplete. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. There is a known minor font issue that affects certain Turkish characters that will be fixed in a future update.

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