House Party 0.17.3 Stable Release

It's time, buddy. The new Derek update is here! House Party Version 0.17.3 is now live and in it is a ton of new content to explore and enjoy. This update is packed with some sweet new game mechanics and plenty of polish to keep your game experience clean and enjoyable. This new release is

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House Party 0.17.2 Released to Beta Testers

If you are a Patron or would like to learn how to become one, click here. Hey guys! Sorry for the delay with the beta.  Unfortunately, our voice actor for Derek is no longer doing VA work.  For continuity purposes, we re-cast the entire part.  We still have some corrections to make, and some lines

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House Party 0.17.1 Released to Alpha Testers

Hey guys! Here's the latest Alpha build of House Party 0.17.1.  We've fleshed out the rest of Derek's story, and it's fully playable now as we start to enter the Beta cycles.  We've also got some major under the hood performance tweaks and updates, so we're hoping that some of you playing on older hardware

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House Party 0.17.0 Released to Alpha Testers

The world sucks right now, so perhaps a House Party alpha can brighten your day a bit. Let’s show you guys what we’re working on. Derek is the main focus of this update, and so far we’re about 30% through implementing his new story. There’s a good portion of playable content, but our second alpha

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House Party 0.15.4 Stable Release

Leah’s time has come! It’s the official release of 0.15.4 and with it a whoooole bunch of additions to House Party. Seriously, we’re getting wild in this update. If you’ve been following this release, you know that Leah’s new story includes around 400 lines of new dialogue and some very new, very unique items. Leah’s

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