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Beta 0.21.0 is here, doods!

If you’ve kept an eye on our Early Access roadmap, you’ll know since Vickie’s content is fully complete, we’re now working on our December polish update before we add the female playable character to the game.

This update includes preliminary support for Valve’s Steam Deck that releases this coming February, so you guys can experience partying on the Deck as soon as it launches! It also adds a rough initial version of support for a variety of other controllers. XInput controllers (which includes Xbox), as well as the Logitech F301 and Playstation 4 (Dual Shock), have had recent development progress made in this update. We’re on our way to full controller support, doods!

Besides troubleshooting and laying the groundwork for the new controller input system, we spent our time this month going through and adding much-needed polish, performance optimizations, bug fixes, and quality of life updates. We want to make everything shiny before we add the new female character! 

We also added a New Game intro cutscene, cutscenes for Derek and Ashley’s finales and completed the Italian translation of Vickie’s ending. Enjoy partying in Italian and the new cutscenes!

We should probably also mention that this December update won’t follow our standard release cycle. The next update after this will be our polish update’s Stable Release. 

Get excited, brahs, because we’re super close to starting work on the female character!

Also… Happy New Year!

– Eek Team

Note: Placeholders may be present for dialogue and assets, and language translations may be incomplete. Older save files may also not be compatible and custom stories may no longer function as intended.

Note on Controller Support:

If you run into any significant trouble with the below, you may need to temporarily use your keyboard/mouse.

-Disclaimer screen may not respond to controller input

-Some UIs may not respond as expected with a controller, or may get “stuck” if using a controller

-You can’t rebind controller buttons/sticks in the Input Configuration menu

-A handful of keyboard/mouse buttons are still not properly configurable in the Input Configuration menu

-Some scrolbars are unresponsive to controller input

-Contrast and element selection issues make UI navigation awkward

-Chairs, beds, etc. can be hard to sit in with the controller