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You remember all those fixes we said we wanted to get done before we added the much-awaited female playable character? Well, they’re DONE, doods! January’s polish update is complete and Stable Release 0.21.1 is officially here, brahs!

We added several new cutscenes, a ton of polish, fixed a bunch of bugs, and laid out the preliminary framework for controller support. There isn’t a bunch of new story content, but we took care of quality of life changes and crucial fixes – particularly with the new input system.

With the framework in place, we’ve been able to expand controller support to a basic state that we should have fully functional by the time we release our female playthrough first look. Controllers that will work will be most XInput controllers (which includes Xbox), as well as the Logitech F301 and Playstation 4 (Dual Shock) controllers. Soon you guys can play one-handed if you want to, y’know…um, eat a burrito or something. Yeah…that.

Speaking of controllers, part of the reason why we are working so hard to implement controller support is because Valve’s Steam Deck will release this February. Not only have you brahs been asking for controller support a lot recently, but we know several of you are getting Steam Decks and we thought it’d be awesome for you to be able to enjoy the party as soon as you’ve got the Deck in your hands…er, hand.

You’re wondering about those new cutscenes, too, aren’t you? We added a cool new Original Story intro cutscene, cutscenes for Derek and Ashley’s finales, and an absolutely ludicrous Lety cutscene! Be sure to check them out the next time you explore the party.

Awesome! So…what’s coming next? Our update after this one will introduce character selection and the highly anticipated female player. She’ll have some exciting new story content for you to explore soon. Oh, yes. It’s time, doods. Onward to working on the female playable character!

– Eek! Team