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Clothing Customization Preview Video! New Beta Build Coming to Patreon Soon!

Hey guys!

We know you’re all anticipating the customization update and we’re working hard to get it out soon! It’s taking a bit longer than we originally planned, but we’re really excited about it and we keep expanding its capabilities! It really is coming very soon though – We are hoping to start our final round of Patreon testing next week, and it won’t be long after that!

In our last update, we told you that you’d be able to customize clothing, hair color, and skin tone. We’ve improved on all of that with things like pattern size and rotation, and hair/tip color balance. We’ve also added support for eye color and make up customization, and we were even able to fit some characters’ clothing onto other characters of similar body sizes! For example, you’ll see in the video below, that Zigga puts Vickie’s pants on Amy!

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Clothing Customization, HDRP, Engine Optimization Coming to House Party Alpha and Beta Builds on Patreon Soon!

Hey guys!

A huge thanks to all of you who have been enjoying the Liz Katz Gritty Kitty Murder Mystery DLC.  The feedback has been very positive, and we are happy to have brought another chapter of House Party to you.

We know a lot of you are wondering what comes next, and although we are still working on one more DLC for House Party, we’ve been starting to shift our focus to Office Party as well!

We are optimizing and adding new capabilities to our engine to create a more robust foundation heading into Office Party.  This will help improve the game performance and allow for new features that Office Party will have, that House Party doesn’t.  A big one of those things is clothing customization!

Just because we are transitioning into working on the Office Party engine doesn’t mean that House Party can’t reap the benefits of some of the upgrades and optimizations that we are doing.  In the next Alpha and Beta releases of the House Party base game we will be leveraging the groundwork we’ve been laying down for Office Party, to optimize House Party’s performance, and bring some new features to the mix.

Character Customization:

The most exciting new feature that you’ll see is character customization!  You’ll be able to change colors, patterns, decals (on some characters), skin tone, hair root and tip color, and even add effects like emboss and metallic to some clothing pieces.  Check out more example outfits:

We’re Switching to Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP):

We’ll be taking even more advantage of HDRP’s capabilities in Office Party, but we’re enhancing House Party too!  In House Party, you’ll notice amazing new lighting and shadows and visual upgrade to the house and all of the characters!  Take a look at some work in progress HDRP screenshots below:

Overall Engine Optimization:

We’ve made some major under-the-hood optimizations resulting in less of a memory footprint and improved CPU and GPU performance resulting in:

– Save file size reduced from ~35MB to ~1MB.
– Save/Load times greatly reduced.
– New game load time greatly reduced.

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House Party 0.21.2 Stable Release

Lety’s Original Textures Are Back In The 0.21.2 Mini Stable Release Maintenance Update!

What’s up, totally cool-muy bueno-fellow party persons? We just wrapped up House Party version 0.21.2, which is a fairly small but much-needed maintenance update that brings the party closer to our ultimate goal of being…dope sickness…on fleek…lit…

Alright, we’ll keep it together and give you a quick rundown: We’re making good progress toward getting full controller support and an initial version of the female player beta ready for you guys to check out in our next big stable release, so it won’t be much longer until you can officially play as House Party’s female protagonist! We know you’re stoked to test the waters of muy caliente girl-on-girl love gameplay, so we’re working hard to get her into the party as soon as possible!

Speaking of hotness at the party, you may have realized your favorite sultry Spanish teacher has been looking a little…well, covered in black bars for the last couple of updates. Unfortunately, Steam updated the rules policy regarding depicting real people in video games, which raised some concerns about Lety’s content. To stay on the safe side and not risk having the game or any major part of it completely removed, we were forced to censor her for a short time while we got everything figured out and learned more about the new rules.

If you’ve read House Party’s title screen or any of our interviews, you already know we’re not fans of censorship. We weren’t happy to censor Lety’s content all of the sudden on you guys, so we prioritized getting this fixed as soon as we could. Thankfully, we were able to discuss the content directly with Steam’s team and made adjustments to get Lety uncensored again! In this update, she’s no longer restricted by those ugly black bars so, as long as you own the Explicit Content DLC, you can now see her again in all of her sexy cool kid extraordinaire glory with this update!

We also have some bonus good news on the anti-censorship side of things. Before this update, we had to censor everything body-wise, at all times, in the non-explicit version of the game. However, in this update, we’ll no longer have upper body mosaic censors on characters regardless of explicit DLC ownership or installation. This is a huge win for House Party!

We hope you’re looking forward to these changes and thanks for being patient while we fixed this, dudes. We know it was probably shocking and frustrating to have her content unexpectedly blacked out, and we weren’t expecting the rules to change on us like that. As a mature game we always have to tread carefully with our content, and as a small development team we appreciate you guys allowing us extra time to get it fixed.

Anyway, onward to the next update! We’re running a bit behind on our original timeline estimate, so we’ve gotta cruise. In the meantime, enjoy the maintenance changes and having your passionate times with Lety back to normal. Remember…no grabbing, guys, NO GRABBING!

Adiós for now, party animals.

– Eek! Team


Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Custom stories may no longer function as intended.
Note on Controller Support: Controller support is still not yet fully complete in its current state. If you run into significant trouble while using a controller, you may need to temporarily use your keyboard/mouse. Sorry for any inconveniences, doods!

House Party 0.21.1 Stable Release

To become a Patron and get early access to new House Party versions click here.

You remember all those fixes we said we wanted to get done before we added the much-awaited female playable character? Well, they’re DONE, doods! January’s polish update is complete and Stable Release 0.21.1 is officially here, brahs!

We added several new cutscenes, a ton of polish, fixed a bunch of bugs, and laid out the preliminary framework for controller support. There isn’t a bunch of new story content, but we took care of quality of life changes and crucial fixes – particularly with the new input system.

With the framework in place, we’ve been able to expand controller support to a basic state that we should have fully functional by the time we release our female playthrough first look. Controllers that will work will be most XInput controllers (which includes Xbox), as well as the Logitech F301 and Playstation 4 (Dual Shock) controllers. Soon you guys can play one-handed if you want to, y’know…um, eat a burrito or something. Yeah…that.

Speaking of controllers, part of the reason why we are working so hard to implement controller support is because Valve’s Steam Deck will release this February. Not only have you brahs been asking for controller support a lot recently, but we know several of you are getting Steam Decks and we thought it’d be awesome for you to be able to enjoy the party as soon as you’ve got the Deck in your hands…er, hand.

You’re wondering about those new cutscenes, too, aren’t you? We added a cool new Original Story intro cutscene, cutscenes for Derek and Ashley’s finales, and an absolutely ludicrous Lety cutscene! Be sure to check them out the next time you explore the party.

Awesome! So…what’s coming next? Our update after this one will introduce character selection and the highly anticipated female player. She’ll have some exciting new story content for you to explore soon. Oh, yes. It’s time, doods. Onward to working on the female playable character!

– Eek! Team


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