Boots on the ground, troopers! The long-awaited Vickie ending (House Party version 0.20.3) is here. Thanks for your patience as our team worked to put together and polish her steamy new content!

Unless you’ve been living deep inside your man-cave for the past couple of months, you already know that Vickie’s update brings sexalicious threesomes to the party. Complete Vickie’s Training and she’ll now give you the opportunity to convince another NPC to join you and her in a scorching hot ménage à trois.

Relationships matter when it comes to schmoozing your favorite partygoers, so be sure to get on good terms with NPCs before you try to flirt their pants off. Some sexaholics like your good ol’ brah Pat and Vickie-obsessed fanboy Frank won’t turn you down even if they hate your guts, but other NPCs (like lovable southern belle Brittney and domineering sexy genius Katherine) won’t even consider you if you haven’t been intimate with them. Most of the other partiers will reject a threesome offer unless you’re a charismatic god. If you work for it, though, you’ll be in for a spicy new array of intimacy rewards, animations, and cutscenes.

Vickie’s crotch-melting story content aside, we also listened to feedback from all of you awesome doods about how you’ve been hearing a lot of the same ambient NPC conversations around the house. We get it. We know you’re playing for a while chasing those achievements, so we freshened up the background chatter with a variety of clues about hidden items, NPC backstories, and endgame story content.

Not only that, but we heard your requests for more guidance around the party. We know with House Party being such an open sandbox game, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to perform certain actions or approach various in-game Opportunities. In previous updates, we added an awesome new Opportunity menu, but alongside Vickie’s finale we introduced a variety of in-game Tutorials to help, too. Opt into these by clicking the check box in the Main Menu or Title Screen UI. They’ll show up one time while playing, and you can reset them manually in the Main Menu. Here’s hoping this helps all of our brahs have an easier time exploring the party!

For those of you who follow our social media and testing update posts, you’re well aware that our team took longer than expected to release this update. Did we mention how amazing you dudes are for being so supportive and patient? Anyway, this was because we added a fuckton of polish to Vickie’s content and House Party overall. With each passing day, we’re getting closer to releasing the game from Early Access, and it’s important to us that we release a quality final version of House Party that our community is happy with. If you’re curious about every little thing we fixed and spruced up, check out the patch notes below.

Anyway, fuck reading! What you really want to do is go check out the threesomes, right? Enjoy, dudes, and be sure to let us know what you think about Vickie’s finale!

– Eek Team