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Vickie’s content is restructured and ready to explore! The order of some dialogues, availability of specific responses, and required actions to progress with Vickie have noticeably changed, and Opportunity UI texts/progress notes for Vickie’s Opportunities (“Training Day” and “Good Guests Gone Bad”) have been updated and improved.

Best of all, when you complete Vickie’s Training, she’ll now offer to help convince your favorite NPC to join you and her in a smoking hot threesome! With new threesome cutscenes and five new threesome animations, there’s a ton of arousing intimacy rewards to enjoy.

Be sure to bring your best schmoozing skills to the table to unlock these steamy rewards, because some NPCs will be more difficult to convince than others. Sure, a few…”enthusiastic” partiers will jump at a shot with you and Vickie, but for others you’re gonna have to put in some work to increase their feelings of friendship and romance towards you. And for a few even pickier doods, be ready to help them with big tasks before they get naughty with you and Ms. Vixen!

Listen closely to the background chatter for a variety of clues about hidden items, NPC backstories, and endgame story content, too. There are a lot of fresh conversations to hear around the house!

Want help navigating the party? Check out the wide variety of new tutorials in the Original Story. You can opt into these via the check box in the Main Menu or Title Screen UI. By default, they’ll show up once while playing and can be reset using a button in the Main Menu. 

You may notice additional story changes, as well:

  • Once Vickie arrives or Rachael’s dares are complete, there’s now closure for why no more dares will occur. 
  • If you’ve been nice to Katherine, she’ll give you back Patrick’s phone instead of keeping it. 
  • “Hey, go over there” dialogues are changed for several characters, so when/how these options present themselves may be affected based on ongoing content/Player decisions. 
  • And if Frank gets knocked out during the first Derek Smash! fight, you’ll no longer have to complete the rest of the Derek Smash! content. Just get in there and back up your buddy!

We also upgraded to Unity 2020 as part of this release, so you dudes will be the first set of players to test House Party built using Unity 2020, and we reworked the input configuration UI as a precursor to introducing full controller support. Full controller support isn’t quite here yet, but we’re laying down the framework for it.

Have fun playtesting the new ending, doods. We’re working hard to get Vickie’s finale all wrapped up in 0.20, and then we’ve got even more awesome shit coming. The female playable character will not be available in this update, but we’re planning to start working on her once Vickie’s new content is complete!

  • Eek Team

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. No translations for this version have been completed at this time.

(Alpha 9/2/2021)