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You guys are fucking rockstars! You playtested the hell out of our last testing update and gave us a huge amount of community feedback.

It may have buried our programmers under a mountain of tweaks and bug fixes but hey, that’s the point of testing! We’ve worked our asses off these past weeks dousing those bugs in heavy doses of Raid and adding further polish to Vickie’s ending, and now we have a fresh alpha build to see what needs to be focused on next.

If you have nothing else to do, and your eyes like to bleed from reading long lists of minor changes, check out the patch notes we’re gonna link below. If you have a house party to get back to and only want to get a quick run-down, just know that most of this patch is important bug fixes from the previous Alpha and general update polish.

Here are some of the most notable changes included in Alpha 0.20.1: 

  • We’ve greatly increased the rewards granted by Ashley after having completed the “Mission Impawsible” Opportunity by lying to Derek. Without burning down the house, of course.
  • Many of the previously pending and unwritten dialogues have been cleaned up.
  • Emotive behaviors during conversations and cutscenes have been improved.
  • We took care of issues with characters remaining clothed throughout entire cutscenes and gave the Player limited control over certain clothing items worn during POV intimacy scenes.

As always, releasing content updates that are as quality as possible is our main priority, so we’re testing vigorously to iron out bugs and make Vickie’s ending as close to perfect as it can be. With that said, we’ve a lot of awesome shit planned to drop after it’s completed, and we’ll be trying to push this update out as cleanly and quickly as possible.

With a hot-as-sin female playable character, the ability to play House Party in VR, and more exciting mystery DLC character announcements coming soon, there’s so much we’re looking forward to working on and sharing with you all!

  • Eek Team

Note: We will no longer support the 32 bit version of House Party across any platforms. Switching from Unity 2019 to Unity 2020 has brought us compatibility issues for the 32 bit build and Microsoft is quickly phasing out support for 32 bit versions of Windows. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. No translations for this version have been completed at this time.