With the House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack live, we’re excited to share more information about the future of House Party!


Our next DLC will bring another real-life guest to the party, and this special someone is bringing a wild and steamy new story to the party!



It’s a blast bringing new, real-world personalities and audiences to our game, and working with the Game Grumps, LetyDoesStuff, and Doja Cat have all been incredible experiences. We’ve been asked by players for more crossovers, and these partnerships bring great value to our studio, which in turn gives us the resources to bring to life much of what our players ask for.


More info on this awesome upcoming guest is coming soon, and their exciting DLC will take us back to the edgy roots House Party is known for! We’re stoked to work alongside a partner who has played (and loves) House Party and wants to explore making adult content with us. Get hyped, doods: Our next DLC will be packed with some of our wildest explicit scenes yet!


And just because we’re doing these awesome guest partnerships doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping in mind possibilities for Original Story Expansion Packs in the future, too! We’ve gotten some really fun player suggestions so far about different areas of the original partier backstories we could explore further in the future.


Is there anything you’d like to see? Let us know!