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How’s it going, dudes? Alpha 0.19.2 is live, and it brings with it a fuckload of quality of life changes, story adjustments, and much-needed bug fixes! We’ve really polished the shit out of the Frank update for everyone, so we hope you dig the changes.

First, we made some serious performance optimizations and improvements to our intimacy cutscenes. This includes bug fixes, cleaner aesthetics, and, last but not least, we’ve made it so several other NPCs can now star in the master bedroom scene we added on 0.19.1!

We also threw in an option in the in-game menus that lets you toggle the classic POV scenes back on, so you have full control over which type of intimacy experience you’d prefer having.

If you’re hanging out in the hot tub, you may additionally notice that we’ve updated the sound effects in there. We also updated the graphics for the hot tub. It now looks AND sounds bubbly.

Autosaves were also not working in version 0.19.1. This update fixes that.

There are a ton more changes we made, and you can check out the full list in our Patch Notes. With this update, the new Frank content and the general Original Story content should be much cleaner. This should make the gameplay smoother as we continue working toward wrapping up the base game story content, so enjoy the changes!

  • Eek! Team

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Voice acting and translations may be fully or partially incomplete. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. 

Background chatter may also have a few bugs, which may significantly affect some of the Game Grumps content. Some cutscenes may prematurely end by a few seconds. There are also known bugs causing music to restart every time the game is paused and cutscene music volume to not be affected by the in-game music volume slider.

FOV can now be set 75, but currently it can be accidentally reset to 60 due to a bug if you re-enter the Graphics Menu AFTER setting it to 75.


(Alpha 3/26/2021)