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We know you doods have been waiting for more Frank content to release, and you’re in luck! 

You can get a closer look at his enormously juicy dangling manberries right now in the new Alpha 0.19.1 update. We’ve packed seriously hilarious shit into this alpha, so get hyped, but don’t you fucking dare sneak into the liquor cabinet and drink any of that forbidden devil elixir.

What’s new? We know you’ve been itching to take a peek at Derek’s smoking hot bod, so we made it possible. Get him to agree to show you some of his sweet dance moves, and then light the fireplace up! Enjoy the wildness that ensues afterward.

We also added two super-secret items in the house that can help you win the affections of your favorite bald dude with extremely large testicles! Did we mention his balls are really, really big? Well, they’re even bigger than you think.

Additionally, we added a sexy stripteasing lap dance scene featuring Stephanie. Be sure to check it out, because it’s fucking hot!

In the same realm of hotness as the spicy striptease, we added some first steps toward a brand new intimacy scene system. This is super fucking cool and we’re stoked to share it: We plan to add sexy cutscenes for all the characters during intimate scenes. Available in this alpha update will be Frank, Katherine, and a static master bedroom cutscene for sex with all other characters.

Keep in mind that this is still in progress and may have a couple of unforeseen bugs, so please let us know if you run into any or if you have suggestions for the cutscenes! The original legacy intimacy system will also still be available in the Custom Story Creator.

Frank and Leah’s booze consumption spidey senses have also been turned down. You’ll still have to stay out of their patrol zones, but you’ll be able to safely drink a bit closer to them. Keep in mind that if you maximize your Friendship with Frank and keep building positive feelings, you’ll now be rewarded with a Romance boost. 

During Leah’s storyline, you’ll notice a change, too. If you choose not to beat up Frank during Leah’s evil route, there is now at least one meaningful reward for sparing the life of your favorite alcohol-patrolling skinhead. Violence never solves problems, doods. Also, if you complete Frank’s storyline and become platonic BFFs with him, both he and Leah will be more forgiving of your booze-related actions as long as you maintain that friendship with Frank. 

As a separate path opportunity in Frank’s storyline, you may humiliate and drive him out of the party completely, in which ALL alcohol-related actions will be completely forgiven throughout the rest of the playthrough.

Another addition to this update is the ability to increase the in-game FOV to 75. You dudes have been asking for this for a while now, so thanks for your patience! To adjust this, go to Graphics Options, change the value to 75, and hit Apply.

You can check out all the changes in the full patch notes, and we’re working on a new system for letting you know which ones are available to you during each playthrough versus which Opportunities you’ve messed up and can no longer access. 

Be sure to report those bugs, playtest the shit out of the new content, and tell us everything you think about Frank’s massive meat clackers- uh, we mean about the Alpha update. Enjoy the content, doods!

  • Eek Team

Note: In this alpha, there is a known bug that can sometimes cause the FOV settings to reset.

(Alpha 3/5/2021)