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Holy fucking mother of balls! Get ready for Alpha 0.19.0, dudes, because we have some sick Frank story coming!

In the newest Alpha, you can explore the party and chat with Frank to uncover key information about his godlike massive man berries. With enough clues, you will unlock his brand new story route, where trust is broken and genital sizes are called into question.

We don’t want to spoil too much of this sweet new story content, but there’s a huge steaming load of gameplay on the way, including five all new Original Story Opportunities: A “Ball” of Mystery, Cock-Ball Fight, The Penis Games, Nail the Coffin, and Budding Bromance. Yes, that’s right. You can romance Frank now.

As you make your way around the party, pay attention – because throughout the night you’ll hear brand new scrotal dialogue in the mix. Chatting with Frank directly will unlock even more secrets about the mysterious crotch-related storyline that awaits. From there, you can launch the greatest debate of the party. Through coercion, blood, sweat, tears, and destroyed friendships, you will determine once and for all who has the biggest package at the party!

Don’t miss out on all of the new shit in this update, and have a ball playing!

Happy Holidays!

-Eek Team

(Alpha 12/24/2020)