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Get balls deep in knockout new content, because Beta 0.19.3 is ready to explore!

The Frank storyline is officially complete! All the story content has been added, and we’ve fine-tuned a ton of additional things you can check out in our patch notes below.

There will still be a few more bug fixes before the stable release, but there won’t be new Frank playable content added between now and 0.19.4. If you’ve been waiting for his storyline to be done and the voice acting to be added, now’s your time to dive in and check out all the new shit!

In the update, almost all of the voice acting for the new content is up-to-date, too. You’ll no longer be reading text with only music in the background because our amazing voice actors did a great job of bringing the new dialogue to life. Enjoy experiencing the Frank storyline with full immersion, dudes.

BEEP, BOOP… We also made it so Compubrah can now scan Frank. Be sure to check out the wacky new gameplay, and enjoy the various stat-boosting benefits involved!

Our artists made several minor visual adjustments, added a T-Posing floating animation pose, and included some sweet cutscenes in this update. Check out Vickie’s current ending and Rachael’s “Dare Interference” finale to see exactly what’s new!

You can get intimate faster now, too. Since recent updates increased how long it takes to recharge your “intimacy fluid,” we made it so you can earn new bonuses to your nasty bits recharge rate. Practicing your climax skills as part of Vickie’s “Training Day” Opportunity will now let you get back to tumbling in the sheets…or against the wall…or on the floor…much sooner.

We also fixed some bugs specifically reported by players during the previous Alpha updates. The Game Grumps balloon no longer gets “stuck” when saving and loading, an issue with the keychain becoming inaccessible when mounted to Patrick’s crotch has been fixed, previous problems with music restarting and getting cut off are gone, and the FOV slider no longer resets itself upon entering the Graphics menu.

What the fuck are you waiting for? Be the first to check out all the new shit, and be sure to let us know what you think! Our team has had an awesome time working on the Frank updates so far, and we hope you dudes have been enjoying the new content!

  • Eek! Team

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Voice acting and translations may be partially incomplete. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. There may also be very minor issues with Background Chatter not working as intended.

(Beta 5/6/2021)