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Prepare yourselves for a more polished version of House Party, because Beta 0.18.1 is playable for Patrons now!

Our team has responded to your feedback on the recent alpha and worked through several bugs to get this new build looking good. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the beta so we can fine-tune it even more for release!

If you missed the latest alpha, the content to check out is the hot new Brittney outfit update, the radial menu for player interactions, updates to intimacy rewards for Amy and Rachael, a modified loading screen, and an improved save and load system.

Additionally, the beta build brings with it more intimacy scene improvements, tons of existing bug fixes, and makes Leah’s “evil route” intimacy reward repeatable. If you love getting steamy with Leah, you’ll enjoy this build.

And if you see Katherine around the party, you’ll notice she’s dressed in a kickass new outfit. If you haven’t checked it out, scroll through our previous Patreon posts and take a look at her awesome new clothing. Let us know how you think she looks in-game when you check out the beta!

Enjoy partying! 

(Beta 10/20/2020)