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Alpha (0.18.0) is available now to Patrons and is packed with some major updates. There is awesome new stuff here for you to experiment with and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on all the changes!

Our first big upcoming development is the new Brittney outfit rework. In this Alpha, all of her updated outfits will be live throughout House Party. And if you haven’t taken a look at her sexy new wardrobe, scroll through our prior Patreon posts and go take a look at that beautiful woman.

Another feature you’ll notice is our new radial menu for player choices. When you click on a character in the game, you’ll have a variety of interactions that can be selected through the radial menu. This may feel like a pretty big visual change during gameplay, so don’t hesitate to send us your feedback on how the updated menu feels to you!

We also have sweet new reworks and updates to intimacy rewards on the way for Amy and Rachael (and possibly more) coming to the Alpha. If you dig either of those two cuties, you’ll have some new stuff to check out in this build.

Lastly, we are updating the House Party loading screen and improving our save and load system. These changes should improve the visual feel of House Party and quality of life for all players. 

Note: As of this Alpha update, we are no longer creating new Linux and Mac builds. After discussing internally, we determined that with the size and complexity of House Party now, and the issues we have with Unity, the time spent trying to make a stable build for both of those platforms for every Alpha and Beta would be better spent pushing forward with the game to come out of Early Access. Once we hit that point, we should have more time to dig in and work on getting a version 1.0 build out for both platforms. Thank you for your understanding!

Enjoy the Alpha and have fun checking out the new changes!

(Alpha 10/6/2020)