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Hey House Partiers!

We’ve got another beta release for you. Great things have happened since our last release.

First, all of our VA is implemented, with the exception of Brittney. Lety herself has recorded over 200 lines for this story.

In addition to VA, we’ve got new animations and polish, polish, polish. Not of our knobs–like, getting rid of bugs and stuff. We’ll include a full changelog of what’s been enhanced since our first beta of 0.14.3.

Thanks as always for doing what you do. Peace!

-Eek Team


  • Added voice acting for Madison, Frank, Lety, Leah
  • All sex animations are now synced better
  • Merged the thought bubble and system messages into one compact HUD
  • Added icons to distinguish thoughts from system messages
  • Lighting tweaks and adjustments
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs trying to navigate to items that the player may have picked up or put in his inventoty
  • Fixed an issue with Display messages sometimes breaking the radial menu
  • Added low level “headlight” light to camera for better viewing in dark areas
  • Aligned the grab hand for a few items around the house that were not implemented yet
  • Increased the camera speed for transitioning to sex acts
  • Orgasm meter now “cools down” during making out
  • Fixed an issue with items sometimes being able to fall through the floor
  • Loading games now preserve NPC movetargets more gracefully
  • AllowLocation and ProhibitLocation can no longer have duplicate items added to them
  • Warping now takes precidence over Action Items
  • NPCs can no longer be “distracted” when making out
  • Fix for Gamma slider not working correctly
  • Lowered fence colliders so players can throw items outside the fence
  • Fixed an issue where characters wouldn’t swing if they were too close to each other in combat
  • NPCs will no longer randomly pick another NPC as a roaming target if that NPC is currently headed towards a hot tub seat. Should help mitigate seeing NPCs randomly standing knee-deep in the hot tub
  • Added the ForcedToDance state, which will allow characters to dance while away from a music source. This new and non-consensual (bool false MEANS FALSE DAMMIT) form of dancing can only be interrupted by movement-related events, intimacy, and a few other story-driven events
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Stephanie to trip while approaching the downstairs bathroom to talk to Katherine (if the Player got high with her), and afterwards become unable to speak to Katherine or continue her story
  • In the Original Story: Rachael and Patrick’s fight (precursor to “Patty’s Striking Resemblance”) can no longer initiate if the Player is knocked out, or if Rachael and/or Patrick are Currently Displaying Dialogue
  • In the Original Story: Katherine’s inspect text is no longer a thought bubble. More important news at 11!
  • In the Original Story: fixed a double-inspect text that could appear when the Player inspected Ashley at the start of a new game
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that allowed the Player to be able to send Rachael away to while they were being intimate with Patrick in the corner of the yard during “Benedict Brahrnold”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Patrick to hang around near the outside corner of the yard after the conclusion of “Benedict Brahrnold”