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Hey guys!

The Beta release for Lety’s content is dropping TODAY! As always, our beta-access Patrons will be the first to dip their wicks into this new iteration of Lety’s feature-packed story. So let’s talk about it!

Lety’s new content started as a simple cameo-like appearance, but as much as we’ve enjoyed working directly with Lety herself to bring this story to life, this story just continued to grow. This story is now similar to the size of Stephanie’s update from a few months ago.

Lety’s not showing up to the party empty-handed–our newest member brings with her a whole bag full of new items that both play a part of her story, but will also add to the interactivity of every NPC at the party down the line. These items include throwables, a new type of alcohol, and…we don’t know how else to say this…a shit-talking novelty toy. It’s gonna get weird.

In addition to the new items, we’ve added new mechanics to House Party in this newest content update. In what we’re calling the “Eavesdrop” mechanic, players will be able to listen in on pivotal conversations that they can then influence through ways besides just talking. Some of these interactions will require the player to act fast to steer Lety safely through the booze-filled waters of her first party experience ever.

We’ve also doubled down on intimacy interactions for this content drop, quite literally.

While of course there’s some 1-on-1 intimacy action with Lety, there are also 2 different experiences where Lety and the player can find themselves in a threesome! Let me do the math here…2 threesomes with 2 different characters besides Lety…carry the 4…Fuck it–this is a lot of threesomeing. Both of these experiences are made to be a fun challenge, so don’t expect there to be a light-up sign that says “THREESOME THIS WAY!” Although, now we really want our artists to make that sign…It would probably be neon…

Currently, only half of the VAs have voiced the new lines for Lety’s update, so you may have to use your imagination until we get our final submissions from our lovely actors. This includes Lety’s dialogue as well. But, it’ll be added very soon!

We’re really looking forward to sharing Lety’s story with our beta-access Patrons, as always. Please let us know what you think of this new content via our forums or on Discord!

-Eek Team


  • Added voice acting for Rachael, Patrick, Derek and Ashley
  • Added new front door
  • Added graphics to throw meter
  • Added (upstairs) laptop login screen and desktop
  • New design for thought bubbles
  • Condensed dialog UI
  • Added BGC UI
  • Added Leah’s sound effects
  • Tweaked various animations
  • Fixed offset on narrator UI
  • Painkillers can now be grabbed
  • Tweaked and enhanced navigation system
  • Tweaked and enhanced combat system
  • Tweaked and enhanced lighting and post processing
  • Fixed an issue where characters could receive PassOut events when they were already passed out
  • Added a system to prevent NPCs from being able to get stuck anywhere on the map.  This should now auto-correct itself in most cases
  • Characters will no longer roam to NPCs in the hot tub, which would cause them to stand around the hot tub clothed
  • Characters should no longer be able to lock NPCs in the closet in Ashley’s room
  • Characters no longer dance if they are not in the same room as the speaker
  • Characters now react to WalkTo and ChangeLocation events much more quickly
  • Untagged the armchairs as movetargets.  This was causing NPCs to walk into them until they were issued another directive
  • NPCs can no longer have their orgasm meter go past 100 while in sixty-nine position
  • Fixed Lety’s shirt/jacket clipping and transparency issue in doggie style
  • Fixed Lety jacket disappearing from a distance
  • Shrunk several colliders associated with the No Loitering system to further prevent accidental changelocations. NPCs will also no longer count as “Loitering” if they are currently being groped, currently speaking, currently posing, or have an inaccessible/queued mandatory target they are trying to reach.
  • Added CharacterFunction mechanic. Will function similarly to Interactive Item ItemFunctions, but are triggered from Characters rather than Items
  • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to select a non-roaming-enabled Action Item, such as the Toilet(s) if they were invited to hang with another NPC and the Action Item in question was in range of the hangout spot
  • Slightly increased verbosity, viscosity, duplicity, and luminosity of logging for NPC changes of location when they are invited to hang out with a BFF
  • Minor tweaks to Debug Log formatting to prevent text from being cut off
  • NPCs that have been renamed in the CSC will now show their customized name over their Orgasm meter when having filthy relations with the Player
  • Addressed an issue that could cause collisions against characters and ragdolls for some items to not be re-enabled properly after being Unmounted
  • Addressed an issue that could cause collisions against characters and ragdolls for some items to bug out and be ignored after being thrown or dropped by the “grab hand”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Patrick to permanently have the Upset state enabled
  • In the Original Story: the Player can no longer opt out of Vickie’s first Hot Tub HJ and then pleasure himself near her in order to continue along her Opportunity. Yeah that’s right, how you like that 8″ nerf bat?
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Patrick and Rachael to go hang out together (via roaming Invite To Hang) after they fought
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Brittney to no longer stay near Stephanie if the Player fails out of Amy’s Scavenger Hunt in a specific fashion
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Frank to use his “recently concussed” dialogue after the player uses the Slap Awake option on him, when Frank had not actually recently been concussed
  • In the Original Story: Amy will now use the new Front Door + yard exit mechanic(s) if the Player drives her away from the party
  • In the Original Story: swapped Frank’s throw of the closed briefcase to the new Throw SendEvent
  • In the Original Story: NPCs will no longer try to roam to Katherine while she is sick in the downstairs bathroom
  • In the Original Story: the Player can no longer use the gutter while being intimate with another character, as this can break the intimacy act