People are looking for one thing when they go to a house party – to destress and forgo responsibility for a little while. But what if you’re stressed on a Tuesday, with the weekend seemingly being so far out of reach? Here are 4 ways you can destress by playing House Party:

Find your Alter Ego

At a house party, everyone wants to make a good first impression so that they’re invited back.

At our House Party, you can forget about that.

As a player-choice game, you should be more concerned about finding the dumb to your dumber so that you can pull off your outrageous pranks while simultaneously testing your charm on whichever character strikes your fancy.

Avoid a drink actually being spilled in your face – or getting beat to a bloody pulp – by making sure you find allies that will have your back throughout the night. That’ll be a lifesaver when you inevitably piss off the wrong NPC!

Stimulate your Head

…the One Above your Shoulders.

With hundreds of stories, side-quests, and narratives – and the thousands of branching storylines – House Party is like a never-ending psychedelic trip. Consider it a mental vacation. 

No matter how many times you play, you’re bound to encounter new NPCs, new player-choice-driven storylines, and, most importantly, new opportunities for debauchery. 

Take a Dopamine Hit

The best medicine is laughter…with a side of vice. 

House Party is a hilariously designed, interactive video game that will have you doing double-takes throughout.

The games’ vibrant storylines featuring parodical personalities will make you feel like you’ve just entered the Twilight Zone – scary? Maybe. Unforgettably adventurous? Definitely. 

F*ck Around…It’s that Simple

House Party encourages you to adopt the ultimate stress-free attitude – consequences? Never heard of em’.

Free your inhibitions while meeting NPCs and playing through the thousands of storylines available. You can be the antagonist or instigator – it’s up to you.


Eek! Games’ House Party is here to keep you sane by letting you do the insane – stop stressing and start playing!