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What Your Favorite House Party Character Says About You – Part Two

As promised, we’re continuing the decidedly unoriginal series that tells you who you are based on your favorite House Party character. Because if anyone knows who you are, it’s certainly a bunch of video game developers and a blog writer in her mid-twenties who has no idea what she’s doing with her life… Yikes, okay, let’s get this show on the road before this gets too deep.


Besides your borderline unjustified hatred for your siblings, you feel connected to Madison because of your shared love for art. Paint by the numbers? So, what? Art mirrors life, and isn’t life just one big painting by the numbers? Graduate high school, don’t do drugs, go to college, get a 9-5 and waste your life away so capitalist America can profit off your existence – isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? So, if you’re painting by the numbers of life, and sometimes things bleed out a bit – hey, that’s just art at its finest. And all that spiritual mumbo jumbo? Even though you know that’s bullshit, you love it because it gives you something to obsess about instead of your own spiraling existential dread.


If one thing is sure, it’s that you hate pranks. Much like Ashley’s disdain for her sister’s constant shenanigans, you find pranks (especially the ones centered on you) to be immature and annoying. Ashley’s probably your go-to gal because 1. Who doesn’t love a zebra tank top? And 2. You always wished you could pull off a side part, but you just can’t. Ugh. Okay – maybe the side part thing is a stretch. Anyways, you’re down-to-earth, well-rounded, and intelligent enough to navigate a friend group filled with metaphorical Franks and Leahs. Oh, and you absolutely love a good time, but not such a good time that you become a Patrick because… well, Patrick sucks.


You’re witty, clever, and take no shit – at least, that’s what you tell yourself. That’s probably why Katherine attracts you: her no-nonsense attitude, followed by her overflow of information once she trusts you, mirrors your shitload of self-confidence. If it’s not your opinion, it’s wrong, and you have no shame about that. We’re going to guess that your romantic partners either have no thoughts of their own, or they have just as many opinions as you, and you guys don’t always (if ever) meet eye to eye.


Well, we know for sure that you’re guarded. Once people carefully get to know you, though, you’re pretty cool and always have wild stories to tell. Much like Rachael’s got her secret flower tattoo, you’ve got your fair share of knick-knacks or weird-smelling erasers that you don’t show people until you’re sure they can be trusted. Rachael resonates with you because you don’t put up with shitheads like Patrick (Ugh, Patrick), and you’re always one alcoholic beverage away from knocking some idiot dude on his ass. Oh, and you never back down from a dare – which is why the Vickie Vixen shenanigans really hit home for you.


Oh, Stephanie lovers. You share Stephanie’s exact level of over-the-top (pun intended) confidence and love that she is willing to get low. Literally – like, so low we’re not sure how her AI knees move like that. Much like Stephanie, you enjoy a good time, mainly if that good time includes whip-its. Everyone seems to have opinions about your choices on the weekends – but hey, that’s on them. Underneath it all, you’re quite smart – and when it comes to it, you will do anything to help someone else out. Keep doing you, Stephanie fans, because we all know Stephanie will continue doing her.


Perhaps this list will give you insight into your true self – or perhaps it’ll have you wondering what the heck we’re going on about now. Regardless, we love you for spending your time at our House Party. While Frank may be guarding the alcohol, we certainly aren’t, and we hope you find every hidden bottle of Natty Lite around (hint: there are six). If you want to figure out where the six are, we just want to warn you that Frank and Leah are always one step away from knocking your lights out. So – be careful… but not too careful… if you get our gist.

What Your Favorite House Party Character Says About You – Part One

We know this idea has been done at least one billion times. But here’s the thing – we haven’t done it, so what kind of weirdly socially-aware game developers would we be if we didn’t do it ourselves? So, without further ado, here’s a list of what your favorite House Party character says about you because, let’s be honest, we all know you like Frank a bit more than you’d care to admit.


First off, you love to party. Duh. You might not be as aggressively drunk as Patrick at get-togethers, but you certainly admire his bravado. You likely enjoy people who are willing to do anything for a good time, and you probably think it’s not a good night unless you barely remember it, right? If Patrick holds the apple in your eye, then you should probably reevaluate your choice in friends, because we guess that Frank and Rachael aren’t the only ones who have kicked their asses (physically or emotionally).


You’re loyal, determined, and focused. You likely have a close-knit group of comrades who share strong beliefs and are willing to do anything for the people they love. You’re also likely in a cult, but that’s a discussion for a different day. If loyalty is the name, then athleticism is the game – your ideal person is someone who knows how to properly kick ass.  


Your life used to be a lot more interesting. We’re guessing that you peaked in high school and barely clung to your fame in college, and now, well, you’re at a house party. It’s okay buddy, every friend group needs that guy (or gal, or whatever). You struggle in romantic relationships due to your guarded nature, and once someone breaks your trust, it’s over. In all, you’re a pretty chill human who likes de-stressing with old pals and reminiscing about the good-old-days. 


You’re pretty shy with new people, which sucks because you’ve got an awful lot to say. However, when someone gains your trust, you never leave their side, metaphorically and physically. Oh, and you may be from the South because Brittany’s southern drawl and constant conversations about spicy foods remind you of home. Also… just saying… maybe you should try your clothes out before attending parties with strangers because locking yourself in a room and refusing to come out is pretty weird. And we know you’ve done that before because you like Brittany, duh. 


Well, first, you’re adventurous because Amy’s new in town and never stops talking about it; you’re also bold because Amy is willing to ask a stranger for a condom to impress her sorority, and we know you resonate with that. Whatever it takes to win, right? You’re quiet, but not in a shy way, just in an “I’m-happy-to-listen” kind of way, and probably enjoy spending your spare time (as if that exists) exploring art museums and staying up-to-date on your local film community or something. We get it – you’re cute and sweet. You can stop rubbing it in now. 


Ahhhh, Frank. We all love Frank, but if Frank is your favorite, then you’re probably someone who, like Katherine fans, has way too many opinions. You’re fierce, competitive, and hard to get along with; but once you trust someone, oh boy – the loyalty never ends. Er… As long as they don’t fuck up, because then it’s a one-way ticket to They’re-Gonna-Get-Their-Ass-Beat City. And trust us dude, no one wants to go there. While Frank’s borderline unhealthy obsession with stopping the consumption of alcohol is strange, it makes sense to you. Because you gotta fight for what you believe in, dude. There’s a true heart beating underneath Frank’s wife-beater tank top; and anyone who doesn’t dedicate their entire life (and weekends) to fighting for their cause is an ass-munching-fart-loser and deserves to get their asses beat. 


So, we’ve already sprinted past the amount of words this blog post can handle, yikes. There’s a bunch of characters left, so tune back in soon for part two of this incredibly (un)original series.

Eek! Games CEO Discusses House Party With Tvgry

Recently, popular YouTuber tvgry, also known as @TenPanMateusz, posted his video game review talking House Party highlights and outrageous missions. He, of course, noticed a certain character on our settings page, describing him as “a bald guy just sitting there looking into nothingness” – you guessed right…it’s Frank.

As a preamble to his review, tvgry sent over some questions to our beloved Founder and CEO Bobby Ricci – we figured we’d share this interview-Esque dialogue for your reading pleasure. So, as @TenPanMateusz put it so eloquently, “grab your friends, put on something nice, grab some juice (yes I said juice) – you’ll find out why later.”

From your point of view – who should play the game? Who is your target audience?

BR:  Anybody over the age of 17, really! (The game is rated Mature 17+ by the ESRB).  House Party appeals to a large audience with its Sims-like gameplay mixed with free-roam sandbox, and the game’s main aim is to be a comedy first and foremost.  You can play as a male or female protagonist, and the game is very inclusive in its portrayal of sexuality.  We have found men and women between the ages of 17 and 35 are mostly enjoying the game, but we also have a significant amount of players over 35 as well!

Is it a dating sim/adult dating sim or house party tropes parody?

BR:  Both!  House Party’s main aim is to be funny, and there are hundreds of opportunities with thousands of branching storylines, a lot of which have nothing to do with dating or romance at all.  Though it’s possible to romance most of the characters in the game, that is more of a feature rather than a focus of the game.  Most of the storylines have endings and don’t always end in romance, depending on the choices you make.

How did it all start, and have you incorporated any of your real-life experiences?

BR:  House Party actually started as a character engine I was writing for Unity.  It started shaping up very well and was unique, so I figured I would try my hand at creating something with it before I tried to sell it on the Unity assets store.  I didn’t want to do another tired game with violence and/or gore, and I was always a fan of those old adventure-style games, so I decided to do something along those lines.  I also felt like I wanted to bring back that old style with a more modern feel, and the House Party concept was born!  There may or may not be real-life experiences mixed into the game, but I will leave that to the player’s imagination. 🙂

How the hell did you get Doja Cat to have a guest appearance?

BR:  Doja Cat doesn’t just have a guest appearance, she has her own DLC with hours of gameplay, and she will be voice-acting her character herself!  The player will be able to interact with her like most of the other characters in the game, and she will have a storyline where you can help her out with her goals and schemes for the night, or not.  As always with House Party, the choice is yours.

With the success and positive reception of adding the Game Grumps, we thought it would be a good idea to do it again, only this time going for a much bigger celebrity.  We talked to many, but Doja Cat just seemed like an awesome fit for our first DLC with the perfect mix of personality and her crazy and silly sense of humor.

What’s next on the list of updates after Doja Cat DLC?

BR:  I’m not at liberty to say yet, but let’s just say…if you think Doja Cat is big, we are having some conversations right now that will blow your mind!

Who’s your favorite character, and why?

BR:  Hands down, Frank.  He’s just the funniest to write for, and it’s always a treat having his voice actor, Bentley Michaels, bring him to life with new lines.

What can I do to be one of the guests? Just asking for a friend ;p

BR:  Super easy! Just become a Grammy award-winning Pop Star!  We’ll wait.

Ok, so maybe the award-winning pop star requirement is a bit over the top – but so is House Party! Our player-choice, free-roaming game will let you (and maybe even encourage you) to align and re-align that moral compass of yours.

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