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Are Sex and Nudity Bad?

Sex and nudity are strange concepts in western society. This is especially true for women – regarding nudity, a woman’s clothing choices are up for public debate her entire life. Like, school dress codes have long perpetuated the idea that her clothing choices somehow dictate her value as a person. School officials often monitor things as irrelevant as tank tops with thin straps, which sends a powerful message on how girls need to dress performatively, i.e., they need to acclimate themselves to society, or else there will be consequences. 

In America, this concept of monitoring how women dress echoes our wholly unproductive approach to sex education… and calling it “sex education” is a stretch. It’s more like, “if you have sex before marriage, terrible things happen” education. The Journal of Adolescent Health published a study focusing on the effectiveness of abstinence-only education, and the findings are (not) shocking: it doesn’t work (Santelli et al., 2017). And while it doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean it isn’t ineffective; it’s just effective in the wrong ways. 

By teaching abstinence, we vilify the act itself. This creates an environment where sex cannot be discussed openly or safely, which opens the floodgates for ill-informed, secretive actions. Needless to say, these teachings follow us into adulthood. People often think that talking about sex is taboo, and many shy away from it. Certain religions (not naming any names, but you know) commonly promote the idea that sex before marriage is sacrilegious and is a surefire way to pave your path toward The Dark Side. So, while we may be years past the “sexed education” we had to sit through in middle school, we are still plagued by conflicting, confusing messages about nudity and sex. 

With all of that said, sex and nudity sell. The pornography industry takes in anywhere from $15 billion to $97 billion a year (Naughton, 2018). Outside of adult videos, industries like clothing, self-care, and (not inherently sexual) entertainment like music, television, films, and more all utilize sex-appeal and partial or full nudity to sell their products or services. People want to consume sex and nudity. Yet, for some reason, there’s a huge disconnect between public opinion and how we allow ourselves to consume it. 

So, this begs the question: are sex and nudity bad? If our society both demonizes and values it, how can we possibly navigate a sex saturated world without getting a big, throbbing headache? 

The answer is pretty simple: sex and nudity aren’t actually bad. They’re natural – like, none of us would be here without sex and nudity. Because, you know, one can’t happen without the other. It should be completely normal to discuss sex among consenting adults like we would discuss our favorite morning coffee or our preference of movie genre. Sex and nudity are a natural part of life. The more we can talk about it, the healthier a relationship we will have with it. 

Regarding Video Games

Obviously, there’s a reason that we’re talking about this. House Party, our player-choice game, has moments of sex and nudity. Because, well, what’s a good house party without those things? While the game focuses on comedy and storytelling, House Party has nonetheless gained a reputation as a sex game or an explicit game. We’re even banned from Twitch because the game contains options for (if you pay for the explicit content add-on) graphic sexual encounters. Mind you, the encounters are always enthusiastically consensual, and you have to work your a** off to achieve them.

But yeah, there’s sex in our game. There’s comedy and pranks and puzzles to solve and stories to hear and relationships to make or break. And sex. We made a game all about having fun at a party.  We’ve heard sex is fun… so we focus on sex positivity.

Our game rewards “good” decisions like supporting, empathizing, or assisting NPCs and penalizes “bad” ones like being misogynistic, hurtful, or dishonest. It’s designed to encourage goofy creativity and make you laugh. Sex and nudity are a bonus to hard work and dedication to tasks, so if you don’t want to see them, you do not have to go down those paths. 

That said, if you do want to see them, see them! Sex is not bad, and neither is nudity. Don’t get lost in the sex scenes, though – there are still lots of debaucherous shenanigans to get into, like saving Lety from Leah’s sales pitch for a personal defense studio or helping Amy complete her sorority’s scavenger hunt so she can make more friends.  

And, if you’re interested in House Party now… you can buy it on Steam, EPIC Games, and GOG.



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The House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack is Now Available!

Play Now House Party Doja Cat

Play the Doja Cat Expansion Pack now!

The real-life AMA and Grammy award-winning global superstar shakes up the original party, and Shit. Just. Got. Real. 

You now have an invitation to help the renowned pop artist get into the party and uncover the secret identity of Dinolicious, a costumed online dancing sensation that Doja Cat wants to feature in her upcoming music video. But don’t say we didn’t warn you: making a music video with this band of drunk or disorderly partygoers won’t be easy. You’ll need to make the right choices and be resourceful to help it go viral.

You can watch her react to events around the party, overhear fresh new background conversations from your favorite NPCs, and maybe even spark a bit of romance with Doja Cat herself.  And you just know Frank has something to say about this new guest, too. Hmm … wonder how that will turn out?


This DLC also showcases three of Doja Cat’s hit songs by tying them into the gameplay and integrating them into the story.  Other highlights include:

  • Hours of content, scenes, and stories featuring Doja Cat

  • Multiple endings and side quests

  • Two stunning “Amala” and “Doja Cat” NPC models

  • Hundreds of lines of new dialogues voiced by Doja Cat herself

  • Interactions with the Original Story and base game NPCs


All of your favorite partiers are still at the party. And now Doja Cat is there.  But the party can’t start without you!  So let’s gooooo!!!

Get the House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack here!

What Your Favorite House Party Character Says About You – Part One

We know this idea has been done at least one billion times. But here’s the thing – we haven’t done it, so what kind of weirdly socially-aware game developers would we be if we didn’t do it ourselves? So, without further ado, here’s a list of what your favorite House Party character says about you because, let’s be honest, we all know you like Frank a bit more than you’d care to admit.


First off, you love to party. Duh. You might not be as aggressively drunk as Patrick at get-togethers, but you certainly admire his bravado. You likely enjoy people who are willing to do anything for a good time, and you probably think it’s not a good night unless you barely remember it, right? If Patrick holds the apple in your eye, then you should probably reevaluate your choice in friends, because we guess that Frank and Rachael aren’t the only ones who have kicked their asses (physically or emotionally).


You’re loyal, determined, and focused. You likely have a close-knit group of comrades who share strong beliefs and are willing to do anything for the people they love. You’re also likely in a cult, but that’s a discussion for a different day. If loyalty is the name, then athleticism is the game – your ideal person is someone who knows how to properly kick ass.  


Your life used to be a lot more interesting. We’re guessing that you peaked in high school and barely clung to your fame in college, and now, well, you’re at a house party. It’s okay buddy, every friend group needs that guy (or gal, or whatever). You struggle in romantic relationships due to your guarded nature, and once someone breaks your trust, it’s over. In all, you’re a pretty chill human who likes de-stressing with old pals and reminiscing about the good-old-days. 


You’re pretty shy with new people, which sucks because you’ve got an awful lot to say. However, when someone gains your trust, you never leave their side, metaphorically and physically. Oh, and you may be from the South because Brittany’s southern drawl and constant conversations about spicy foods remind you of home. Also… just saying… maybe you should try your clothes out before attending parties with strangers because locking yourself in a room and refusing to come out is pretty weird. And we know you’ve done that before because you like Brittany, duh. 


Well, first, you’re adventurous because Amy’s new in town and never stops talking about it; you’re also bold because Amy is willing to ask a stranger for a condom to impress her sorority, and we know you resonate with that. Whatever it takes to win, right? You’re quiet, but not in a shy way, just in an “I’m-happy-to-listen” kind of way, and probably enjoy spending your spare time (as if that exists) exploring art museums and staying up-to-date on your local film community or something. We get it – you’re cute and sweet. You can stop rubbing it in now. 


Ahhhh, Frank. We all love Frank, but if Frank is your favorite, then you’re probably someone who, like Katherine fans, has way too many opinions. You’re fierce, competitive, and hard to get along with; but once you trust someone, oh boy – the loyalty never ends. Er… As long as they don’t fuck up, because then it’s a one-way ticket to They’re-Gonna-Get-Their-Ass-Beat City. And trust us dude, no one wants to go there. While Frank’s borderline unhealthy obsession with stopping the consumption of alcohol is strange, it makes sense to you. Because you gotta fight for what you believe in, dude. There’s a true heart beating underneath Frank’s wife-beater tank top; and anyone who doesn’t dedicate their entire life (and weekends) to fighting for their cause is an ass-munching-fart-loser and deserves to get their asses beat. 


So, we’ve already sprinted past the amount of words this blog post can handle, yikes. There’s a bunch of characters left, so tune back in soon for part two of this incredibly (un)original series.

Doja Cat joins the House Party on September 30th, 2022!


The real-life Grammy and American Music Award-winning star arrives at the House Party in style!


She brings an amazingly realistic in-game character and wild new gameplay to the Original Story! Explore a hysterical new branching adventure in your favorite comedy game and help Doja Cat create her next music video – for better or for worse!



There’s a major celebrity joining the House Party! We’ve teamed up with the hit pop star Doja Cat to deliver a wild all-new side-story to the party that’s packed with unforgettable adventure, comedy, and mystery!

In the DLC, you will be able to navigate through an unpredictable night filled with outrageous partygoers as they help Doja Cat carry out a master plan to track down a mysterious masked dancing sensation who is taking the online world by storm.

You can interact with Doja Cat in several ways. Get her to the party. Befriend her. Maybe even flirt and fall in love!



If you’ve ever wanted to party with Doja Cat, this is your chance! Not only is her character as close to her real-life appearance as we could make it, all of her lines are voice acted by Doja Cat herself (and even ad-libbed for extra personality).

You’ll also be able to see her in-game wearing three outfits that were hand-selected by Doja herself; a casual black dress, awesome music video performance attire, and a steamy hot tub bikini.



Throughout her story, Doja will react to the craziness that ensues during the party, showcase custom dances and performances, and create her next music video with your assistance – and how it turns out depends entirely on your in-game choices!


Mark the date on your calendar and get excited:

The Doja Cat House Party Expansion Pack is planned to release this September 30th, 2022!


Want to play the House Party base game while you wait for the big release? Buy it here!

And don’t forget to add the Doja Cat DLC to your wishlist!


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