As many of you may know, House Party and a certain streaming site *ahem* don’t mix well. However, a new contender approaches!

DLive is a streaming platform that’s really making a name for itself with the streaming folk, what with their phones and their fancy-man gaming chairs. Streamers are finding and building a community on DLive, and from what we’ve seen, it’s a pretty killer place to be!

We wouldn’t be shining a light on them if it wasn’t good for us too, right? Right. House Party is totally legit to be streamed on DLive! Our game has always shined on-stream, letting streamers enjoy House Party surprises along with their audience. It’s kinda like…the perfect fucking game for that, if you don’t mind us saying so.

So streamers, check out DLive and stream our shit! Shout us out on Twitter when you’re going live so our team has a chance to tune in. We wanna showcase you guys and girls!

They say proof is in the pudding, but our fat asses don’t need any more sweets so we’ll just show you NeverSurrendr’s hilarious . This had us rolling, and we gotta have more of it.

So get to it, streamers! And…while you’re at it…someone explain to us what the hell streaming is, or what a emote is…or a “wee-fee” connection? You kids…


Eek Team