Happy Valentine’s Day (And Guest Outfit Poll Info!)


Happy Valentine’s Day, doods!


We hope you had an awesome day and made time to cozy up with the party guest of your choice. If you didn’t, thankfully there’s still this weekend to relax and enjoy the post-holiday vibes!


(Speaking of, if you haven’t played “A Vickie Vixen Valentine,” this weekend is a great time to try to schmooze your favorite House Party adult star!)


So, partiers, who was your House Party Valentine this year?



And if you haven’t seen it already, we have exciting news!


On Monday, our artist created some awesome concept images for an upcoming outfit that House Party’s next DLC guest will wear in her expansion pack!


This will be for her in-game “Casual Outfit.”


Our guest chose two favorite “outfit styles,” but she wanted to let our Patrons pick which final style and color option appears in-game!


(There are three color choices for each of the two outfit styles – for six total outfit options to vote on – and twenty votes have been cast so far!)


It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to give Patrons access to development polls, but we’re super excited and can’t wait to see what outfit is chosen!


It’s always difficult as a small team to create and incorporate fun and meaningful polls for Patreon supporters during the busy development process, but this is something we want to get better about – especially for House Party’s future DLCs and Office Party!


So, with that said, all players can expect to see us asking for more feedback as we move through House Party and Office Party’s future development.


Expect to see more surveys like the “Holiday Feedback Form” out and about, so you can help tell us what you love about House Party (or what you wish House Party had) so we can make sure we’re keeping your feedback close and creating games you doods feel passionate about playing.


We are also stoked that our next guest has been so passionate about the House Party community and cares about your opinions so much that she wanted to let you choose her final outfit in the game! Cheers to her brahsomeness! We can’t wait for her to officially introduce herself to you soon.


Want to cast your vote on the outfit? Click here and support us in either our “Alpha Testers With Benefits” or “The Whole Shebang” Patreon tier!


Cheers to the next guest DLC, partiers! We can’t wait to share it with you!


(P.S. Did you spot anything interesting in the new trunk teaser?)


Update 1.0.9 is live with Quality of Life changes and Custom Story Creator improvements!


Create custom House Party stories easier with “CharacterGroups”, enjoy a new Spanish translation, and check out the new in-game teasers!


House Party Version 1.0.9 is out now! If you like getting creative with House Party, you’ll love the Custom Story Creator changes we made, doods and lady-doods.


Have you ever dreamed of making a party where everyone gets turned on as soon as you take off your shirt? Or where the whole party gangs up on Patrick? Or where all the guests meet up in the living room for a sweet no-pants-allowed dance party?


Yeah. You can do all that and much more way, way easier now, because we added an awesome new feature called “CharacterGroup” behaviors. These let you work faster and more effectively to create more complex stories than ever before. 



How does it work? You can now create targeted groups of Characters and use GameEvent, Criteria, Event Trigger, and/or CriteriaGroup behaviors on them selectively or en masse. Not all GameEvents and Criteria are available for use with this system, but this should be super cool nonetheless!


If you’ve worked with the Custom Story Creator before, you already know how difficult it was to send mass instructions to characters – but you no longer have to send one-on-one instructions to them. This is huge, dudes!


Character groups should allow there to be more varied custom stories made by both new and experienced creators alike. We’re stoked to see how you guys use this sweet new story-crafting superpower.



Several previous issues regarding past updates breaking custom stories have also been fixed, so your current stories should work as intended again! We’ve made significant optimizations that will notably reduce the UI “lag” experienced when manipulating many CSC elements, dropdowns, text fields, and so on, too.


(Note: The new optimizations required minor changes to the CSC UI. Some functionalities like sorting/arranging elements are now controlled strictly through user-interactable elements like arrows, the copy/paste functions, and insert/remove.)



Update 1.0.9 also irons out some bugs (some of which were not just minor annoyances), adds some story and engine improvements, and includes a fresh new Spanish translation!


We’ve continued making progress on the user interface and functionality for selecting a holiday DLC pack, too. We still have more mechanics to work on before we can tie DLCs into the engine and bundle the Winter and Halloween holidays into individual downloadable packs, but we’re making good progress!


Plus, we added those two new objects around the party that will be used in our next guest expansion pack! If you want a sneak peek at what’s to come, explore the house and let us know what you think the new fixtures will be used for!


Have fun playing, party brahs! We can’t wait to see your custom stories.


P.S. Want an example of the fun and silly stories you can create with House Party’s Custom Story Creator? Check out this quick video taken from Peter980’s “Fiery Date” story! To learn more about the story or hang out for our House Party dev streams, join our Discord!

The party is getting darker this summer. Get ready, doods!


The sexy and hilarious party you know and love will flirt with a bit of blood and darkness this Summer. Are you ready, doods?

Our next guest will ramp up the party with the wildest explicit intimacy thus far and most jaw-dropping story yet!

Get ready for Summer 2023, partiers.


Not only that, but a new quality of life House Party update will be dropping soon, doods! We’re making good progress on some not-so-minor requested bug fixes as well as working on some major Custom Story improvements we hope you’ll love!

But there’s some neat little bonus easter eggs in the next update, too. While you run around Madison’s place during your typical night of shenanigans and debauchery, you’ll notice two new objects in the game.

Take a peek at one of them below. Wondering about the other one? Well, you’ll have to find it yourselves…


(Note: This is early teaser footage and does not fully reflect how the item appears in-game. Anyway, it looks like there might be some electrical issues in the next guest DLC, right? What do you think’s going on here?)


This new item will be put to use in the upcoming guest DLC arriving this Summer 2023.

We see many of you asking who the next guest will be. We’re not trying to keep any secrets (check out those leg tattoos!), but our special guest wants to introduce herself to you personally with a custom costume.

She’s working on it now, so we hope you’re stoked for the official announcement and title reveal in March!



In the meantime, don’t forget to wishlist the free Halloween and Winter Holiday Packs!

The packs will allow you to enjoy the Halloween and Winter seasonal events whenever you want year-round. We’re still working on getting the toggle on/off feature ready, making some tweaks, and packaging everything into organized DLCs. They’ll both be ready within the next few months (ETA of Q1 2023 for Halloween and Q2 2023 for Winter)!

We know these holiday packs are coming out at kind of odd times of the year now. We didn’t expect to prep them for permanency and add the toggle feature, but we hope you’re still glad we listened to your requests to toggle the content and for the limited-time events to come back permanently!



Wishlist the Winter Holiday Pack on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GOG!

Wishlist the Halloween Holiday Pack on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GOG!


Our free House Party – Winter Holiday Pack is available for wishlisting now!

House Party - Winter Holiday Pack


House Party’s second seasonal DLC is ready for wishlisting now, and FREE for all players.


If you loved the Winter Update (or if you didn’t get the chance to play it while it was around during the holidays), be sure to grab this so you can enjoy the content year-round! 


Just like Halloween, it’ll have a toggle on/off feature, so you can enjoy the holiday-themed party whenever you’re feeling the Christmas spirit. 


Check out the trailer below, brahs:




Already played the update last holiday season? Don’t worry – there’s plenty more awesome stuff planned for both this and the Halloween Holiday Pack in the future!


In the meantime, your favorite holidays will be back soon. We’re still on track with getting the toggle on/off feature into internal beta testing within the next month or two and releasing the Halloween Holiday Pack permanently this Q1 2023. 


The Winter Holiday Pack will follow closely behind on Santa Frank’s sleigh: releasing in Q2 2023!



What’s gonna be in the House Party – Winter Holiday Pack?


Festive seasonal decorations, like:

⭐ Ornaments

☃️ A Snowman

🎄 Pine Garlands

✨ Hanging Lights

🍬 Glowing Candy Canes

🌟 Star-Shaped Lights

❄️ Snowflake Window Decals 

🌨️ Lightly Falling Snow Outside

👏 …And Many More To Come!


There will also be cheery Christmas outfits such as:

🎅 Santa & Elf Hats

👕 A Festive Sweater

🎁 …And Many More Costumes & Accessories On The Way!


Plus, you can throw snowballs at other partiers and explore a short seasonal Frank side-quest (with a special holiday achievement)!


Add the DLC to your wishlist, doods and lady-doods, and get ready to enjoy merry and bright decorations, festive outfits, and falling snow all year at the House Party!


Click here to wishlist the Winter Holiday Pack on Steam!

Click here to wishlist the Winter Holiday Pack on the Epic Games Store!

Click here to wishlist the Winter Holiday Pack on GOG!


P.S. If you play House Party on other download websites, (like Itch.io, GameJolt, Nutaku, etc.), no need to wishlist it! On those platforms, once the DLCs release, they will be added to your base game folder automatically. If you want to play the holiday content, all you’ll need to do is toggle on/off the seasonal DLC in your main menu!

Eek! Games & Collaboration with Our Community

In the gaming community, indie video game companies sometimes find it hard to grow our brands in a market saturated with AAA games. While platforms like Steam, Epic, and GOG allow smaller games access to the market, it’s hard to find a voice in a world overwhelmed by content. However, while AAAs enjoy lots of funding and all the surrounding shenanigans, indie companies can quickly respond to advancements in the gaming community and world at large. Essentially, because indie games often aren’t backed by big investors and corporate entities, they enjoy the freedom of being allowed to take large risks (Wallace, 2022). As an indie gaming company, we at Eek! Games strive to enjoy that freedom as much as possible. We’ve found that collaboration with our community is an excellent way to elevate both ourselves and our fellow creators to new levels. 

We tend to take more of an untraditional approach on taking large risks… Because, you know, the whole sex and nudity thing. And… if you want to read more about our takes on that, feel free to read our blog. Regardless, House Party is unique because of its original combination of explicit content and dynamic story engine, and that is something we’re proud of. 

As the Indie Gaming League argues, it’s entirely possible that the future of video games is collaboration (2020). Namely, it’s cross-game collaboration that allows for indie game companies to reach each other’s platforms and collectively grow. Obviously, there’s a lot that goes into making collaborations work. As with every relationship, there’s a few key things that have to be there for it to be successful. Without fundamental factors like trust and a shared vision (Indie Gaming League, 2020), things just won’t work. That said, when the stars do align, indie game companies may just find their footing in the vast video game market. 

Here at Eek! Games, we collaborate with our community as much as possible. Between guest star appearances in other games, like Frank showing up in Shady Lewd Kart, and the multitude of influencers (like YouTube’s Game Grumps and LetyDoesStuff) we’ve built into House Party, we’re always ready to take on the newest, most wild task. Like the snake in the closet – it’s elusive, but once you get it out, everything falls into place. 

We’ve been collaborating since day one, and some of our best collabs come from within our own awesome community! Our patrons on Patreon, volunteer superusers, and translators have been vital to getting House Party to where it’s at now. We love you all! 

In 2019, we hosted an international music contest where indie artists could submit their songs to be played in the game (EIN Presswire). Texas artist Popskyy’s song “FUNKBOX” won the first place prize, followed up with songs by the talented Fokushi, Treclar, Fletnyx, and Kitanic Demon as the runners up. You can find every one of those songs online, or you could do it the fun way by finding the MP3 player and playing it on Madison’s television. 

More recently, we’ve teamed up with the talented superstar Doja Cat. Famous for songs like “Say So,” “Like That,” and “Juicy,” Doja Cat has made quite the name for herself in pop culture. This made it more exciting when she decided to join our house party and bring her music into our game. As of September, she’s been trying to sneak into Madison’s house via breaking the backyard fence down, and we’re pretty sure she’s offended that you haven’t helped her get in yet. In real life, we helped popular YouTuber Azzyland team up with Doja Cat in a fun playthrough of House Party. The duo share laughs while exploring the game, and it’s certainly an entertaining watch. However, if you watch them play, they do ask why they have to play as a guy. Just know that we’ve since added a playable female character!

As we stumble (Patrick style) into the new year, we’re so excited to continue heightening the collaboration we have with our community. As our platform grows, so too does the amount of opportunities we have to help other indie games, content creators, and artists grow. And while Doja Cat was a big feat, we have more crazy collaborations in the works… So stay tuned. And… Okay, but seriously – have you figured out how to get that snake out of the closet yet?



EIN Presswire. (2019, October 15). Eek! games announces its new release and Opens House Party game to Independent Music Artists. Newswire. Retrieved September 21, 2022, from https://world.einnews.com/pr_news/481838277/eek-games-announces-its-new-release-and-opens-house-party-game-to-independent-music-artists 

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Wallace, F. (2022, January 12). AAA Games vs Indie Games: How their impacts differs. HeadStuff. Retrieved September 21, 2022, from https://headstuff.org/entertainment/gaming/aaa-games-vs-indie-games-how-their-impacts-differs/ 

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