Happy Valentine’s Day, doods!


We hope you had an awesome day and made time to cozy up with the party guest of your choice. If you didn’t, thankfully there’s still this weekend to relax and enjoy the post-holiday vibes!


(Speaking of, if you haven’t played “A Vickie Vixen Valentine,” this weekend is a great time to try to schmooze your favorite House Party adult star!)


So, partiers, who was your House Party Valentine this year?



And if you haven’t seen it already, we have exciting news!


On Monday, our artist created some awesome concept images for an upcoming outfit that House Party’s next DLC guest will wear in her expansion pack!


This will be for her in-game “Casual Outfit.”


Our guest chose two favorite “outfit styles,” but she wanted to let our Patrons pick which final style and color option appears in-game!


(There are three color choices for each of the two outfit styles – for six total outfit options to vote on – and twenty votes have been cast so far!)


It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to give Patrons access to development polls, but we’re super excited and can’t wait to see what outfit is chosen!


It’s always difficult as a small team to create and incorporate fun and meaningful polls for Patreon supporters during the busy development process, but this is something we want to get better about – especially for House Party’s future DLCs and Office Party!


So, with that said, all players can expect to see us asking for more feedback as we move through House Party and Office Party’s future development.


Expect to see more surveys like the “Holiday Feedback Form” out and about, so you can help tell us what you love about House Party (or what you wish House Party had) so we can make sure we’re keeping your feedback close and creating games you doods feel passionate about playing.


We are also stoked that our next guest has been so passionate about the House Party community and cares about your opinions so much that she wanted to let you choose her final outfit in the game! Cheers to her brahsomeness! We can’t wait for her to officially introduce herself to you soon.


Want to cast your vote on the outfit? Click here and support us in either our “Alpha Testers With Benefits” or “The Whole Shebang” Patreon tier!


Cheers to the next guest DLC, partiers! We can’t wait to share it with you!


(P.S. Did you spot anything interesting in the new trunk teaser?)