Congrats to the doods and lady-doods who found all the secret codes in our Steam News Posts and were able to unlock our secret early sneak peek DLC teaser!

A ton of you super sleuths unlocked the early reveal, and it was cool to see that so many of you are basically professional detectives already. Well…at least professional enough to solve a House Party murder mystery. 🕵️

Now that it’s been over a month since the early teaser video was released to you code-seekers, we figured it’s a good time to publicly share it for anyone who missed out on the initial secret showcase. Leave no doods behind, right? 💪

If you’ve played more than a couple hours of House Party, you probably already know that each Original Story character (and that will soon include the awesome Liz Katz, too), has their own unique Drunk & Disorderly Opportunity in the game. 

If so, you may have guessed that the House Party – Detective Liz Katz in a Gritty Kitty Murder Mystery Expansion Pack will have a Drunk & Disorderly scene, too. And we have worked hand-in-hand with her to create one that fits in perfectly with Liz Katz’s tastes, vibe, and personality! 

What is Liz’s personality, exactly? She’s fun, playful, sexy, and adventurous…especially when it comes to certain bedroom activities. If you’ve visited her official website or followed her on social media, you’ll have seen that she has a bit of an interest in… Well, you know… 😉



Let’s just say that the thing featured in the video should look pretty familiar if you know Liz. And, if you were wondering, yes, it will be part of her new Drunk and Disorderly Opportunity! 🍻

But, uh, what exactly can you expect when you plunder the depths of the upcoming murder mystery DLC (besides a wild crime and House Party’s signature humor)? We won’t say here, but definitely check out the secret trailer if you’re curious about what happens if you give Liz a few drinks. Just remember, enter these waters at your own risk!

Once you’ve had the chance to watch the teaser, let us know how you feel about it! We’re curious what you think about it! Are you stoked, shocked, confused, terrified, aroused…or terrified AND aroused? 👀

Let us know below if you’re ready to watch Liz get hot, bothered, and bubbly in the next DLC!