We figured hump day was a good day to release our next Alpha for you lovely folks. We think you’re gonna like it. With Leah being the main focus of this story, there was no better time to introduce a mechanic we’ve been dying to add to House Party for a long time: PLAYER COMBAT.
Since the early days of HP, fists have been flying but never from the player. This Alpha is our first step towards building out the player’s combat abilities against other NPCs. This includes punching and blocking, meaning you’ll be able to finally go toe-to-toe with Frank!

Now, we’re not Skyrim, but we did introduce a strength system. Each partygoer has their own strength that determines how hard of a punch they can throw, and they also have other stats that factor in like speed and stamina. That means there are a couple of “Boss-tier” fighters in the house. We’ll…let you figure out who those people are. You probably have a good idea.

Keep in mind, you’re not Mike Tyson. Don’t expect to come in swinging and dominate the house. You’ll need to practice fighting to take down even the lower strength NPCs. Shit, maybe we are Skyrim…

You can toggle “Combat Mode” by pressing the space bar.

This Alpha lays the foundation of Leah’s epic story. You’ll only get a taste of the new story content to come, but it should get you excited for Leah’s journey ahead. We had a lot of fun with this one.

All items related to this story have been implemented, so you should see some pretty neat additions around the house. There are several very unique things to find, so a little exploration could do you some good. *Ahem* Ashley’s room *Ahem*

Lastly, you may notice from these screenshots that we’re implementing different visual filters. These have a reason to exist in Leah’s story (not yet explored in this Alpha) but they also add a very cool aesthetic to HP.

We’re really pleased with how Leah’s story is growing and we’ve got much more to show you in a few week’s time. Enjoy these new features in the meantime!

-Eek Team

(Alpha 8/7/19)

  • Added new player combat mechanic
  • Upgraded Leah to have some kick-ass fighting animations
  • Added Katana and Spray Paint Can interactive items
  • Added Terrarium as a usable Interactive Item
  • Added Red, Grayscale, and DisableAll visual filter Character Functions; will allow users to enable/disable red or gray (black and white) post processing filters mid-game
  • Added bike lock and bike lock key as usable interactive items
  • Fixed an issue that was causing beer pong to be unplayable, especially if the Player grabbed the “starter” ball first and then tried to Practice
  • Fixed the alignment of the vibrator item when viewed in the Player’s inventory
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Turn console command from turning characters toward a move target
  • Added several new move targets around the outside fence, and further standardized height positioning of some outside move targets
  • Aligned the Player’s hand and fingers to better grip the joint item. You know, for inhaling the leaves on most of the days
  • Aligned the Player’s hand and fingers with the Box of Poppers/PopperBox item
  • Aligned and adjusted a number of indoor colliders in order to better prevent niche cases of items falling through floors
  • All bathroom floor types should use the same footstep sound
  • Fixed an issue with the “Player” console command’s “inventory” subcommand that could also cause items to sometimes fall through certain floors
  • For CSC users: implemented a new ‘zoning’ system that allows you to check if a character is in a room or ‘zone’ inside or outside of the house, OR fire an event trigger/reaction if a character enters a zone/room
  • Adjusted the NoLoitering system so it will no longer try to fire whenever any and/or all of a character’s ragdoll colliders enter a NoLoiter/Redirect area; firing once per “character entry” now results in a more reliable NoLoitering changelocation
  • All phone-type items now have access to default item functions as well as the new EnablePhoneLight and DisablePhoneLight itemfunctions, with cellphone-style “flash lights” aligned to their rear camera flashes
  • All phone-type items now have a text message sound available as either their Sound Effect 1 or Sound Effect 2 sound, for more flexible usage in custom stories
  • All phone-type items now have the same starting physics/Rigid Body settings
  • All phone-type items now have the same sound effect when thrown or dropped
  • All phone-type items now use the same interaction distance value
  • All phone-type items have had their inventory positioning, carry/grab positioning, and rotations standardized
  • All phone-type items have had RaisePhone and LowerPhone itemfunctions added so that the phone lights can be aimed in front of the player and have their position reset
  • The charinfo console command will now show the specified character’s current zone
  • The CSC can now trigger events based on who was attacked
  • Re-adjusted all NPC combat stats
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player to get stuck with a permanently increased “pleasure sensitivity” if they did Ashley’s “Sibling Warfare” and then Vickie’s content, and then followed up for more fun with Ashley afterwards
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player to get stuck with a permanently increased “pleasure sensitivity” if they did Ashley’s “Sibling Warfare” and then Vickie’s content, and then followed up for more fun with Ashley afterwards
    In the Original Story: Ashley will not be as likely to use standard dialogue when in the closet during “Sibling Warfare” if the Player exposes themselves
  • In the Original Story: Amy will be very, very considerate about stubbing her toe, and will not do so if the Player is in combat or has an intimacy partner. She will also miraculously avoid injuring herself if she is being spoken to, or if Stephanie is being spoken to. Thanks Amy!
  • In the Original Story: Rachael will no longer confront Patrick and try to beat him up if the Player is already in combat. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?
  • In the Original Story: the Player can skip through the Rachael-Patrick fight/confrontation more reliably. Yawwwwnnnn…amirite?
  • In the Original Story: added new Opportunities for Leah: “Causing a Ruckus”, “Guiding Light”, and “Snake in the Grass”