House Party

Doja Cat joins the House Party on September 30th, 2022!

  The real-life Grammy and American Music Award-winning star arrives at the House Party in style!   She brings an amazingly realistic in-game character and wild new gameplay to the Original Story! Explore a hysterical new branching adventure in your favorite comedy game and help Doja Cat create her next music video - for better

Community Content Giveaway Winner Announcement

Congratulations to all of the winners of our Community Content Giveaway!  We challenged you to submit cool House Party fan art, screenshots, let's plays, cosplays, and more - and we were thrilled to see our community participating! Thanks again to everyone who submitted fan content! You're all awesome, and it made us smile to

Eek! Games CEO Discusses House Party With Tvgry

Recently, popular YouTuber tvgry, also known as @TenPanMateusz, posted his video game review talking House Party highlights and outrageous missions. He, of course, noticed a certain character on our settings page, describing him as “a bald guy just sitting there looking into nothingness” - you guessed right…it’s Frank. As a preamble to his review, tvgry