A New House Party Expansion Pack Is Coming In Late 2023!

New clothing, a short side-story, and two original characters will join the party soon!


Get ready to party even harder with a brand new DLC featuring a variety of exciting and original content fresh from the minds of Eek! Games!


The DLC will include a uniquely themed House Party side-story, a set of clothing items that can be worn by the entire cast of characters and, the thing we’re most excited about: two new original characters specific to the additional storyline who will join the party later this year!


One of the upcoming guests will be female and the other will be male. That way, we can satisfy the overwhelming demand for more female characters, while also ensuring that male-preferring players have another partier to bond with!


We’ll be announcing an official DLC title and more info on the House Party – New Content Expansion Pack soon, so wishlist it now and keep an eye out for more updates!



Thank you to everyone who shared an opinion with us via our recent “Future of House Party” Feedback Form!


We’re taking your responses to heart so we can make the best possible House Party experience for as many players as we can! We’ve got a lot of information on possible directions to take future content for the game now, and we hope you’re looking forward to seeing us put your feedback into action!


The House Party – New Content Expansion Pack was actually created just for this purpose. It will bring loads of new content to satisfy players who want more original story, characters, and characters based on the House Party universe!


It will also feature a new type of clothing that was most highly requested from the feedback form and incorporate a handful of written suggestions that were sent in at the bottom of the survey. It was made for you, brahs, so we hope you enjoy it!



For those of you who are looking forward to more real-life guests joining the fun (instead of more House Party universe content), the House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack will still be releasing this summer, as originally planned.


As mentioned in previous news posts, our next real-life guest is excited to personally introduce herself to you…in a special custom-made costume. Everything is being finalized for this, and we’re preparing to share the big announcement with you within a couple of weeks!


We hope you’re looking forward to officially meeting the new guest! We’re sure she’s going to, like, totally steal your heart, brahs!


First Murder Mystery Alpha Dropping For Patrons Today + New Teaser!


The “Look What The Cat Dragged In” House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack Alpha will be dropping today for Alpha Tier Patrons – sharing a quick first glance at House Party’s next guest DLC!


So, if you’re not in the Alpha Tester (or higher) tier, why not, dood? You can subscribe and support us to enjoy a ~5 minute playable sneak peek of the next guest’s new story when it drops later today!


You’ll “officially” learn the identity of the guest before anyone else. You’ll get to welcome her into the party, see her character model (as well as that sweet outfit we showed off in our Discord Art Stream) inside the game, and mingle with her!


As we mentioned, this isn’t a huge playable build, as we’re still very early in development, and we’ll be releasing this DLC on Patreon in small chunks (possibly on a quest-by-quest basis) as we work through developing it – in hopes of making it available to you ASAP and getting your feedback implemented early in the dev process. We hope you’re hyped to see it as we work on it!


Want to try the new alpha? Join our Patreon and be sure you’re in the “Alpha Tester” tier or higher to come play!


Plus, as a Patron, you’ll be able to access the brand new post from this morning with early information on whether or not Console Commands will be available with the next guest.



Curious what you’ll see in the sneak peek alpha while you’re waiting for it to drop? Here’s a little teaser:



Let us know what you think’s going on here, doods! Seems like things are starting to get a little… Well, a little whatever the hell that is in the video above. Seriously, who wired the lights?


Eh, it was probably some jerry-rigged home-brew wiring job Patrick did, right? Nothing to get worried about.


Anyway, that unexpected new guest outside looks hot as hell! Are you going to let her inside?


Wishlist the House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack on Steam or GOG now!



Also, to help us stay in touch with what the House Party community wants for the future of the game, we have another survey for you doods!


The Holiday Feedback Form you brahs filled out for us a few months back was so helpful to us that we want to do opinion surveys more often so we can stay better in-tune with what you want for the game – especially when our dev team has specific questions we’re wondering about to help us make the game better for you!


We built House Party on player feedback, and that’s how it became the game it is today, so it’s important to us to stay in touch with what the community wants for the game – especially as House Party’s player base continues to grow!


The type of player who enjoys House Party has expanded. Some players ask for more male romanceable NPCs, while others don’t want more males. Some community members say they love the Doja Cat DLC, while we’ve heard from many more who just want more NSFW 18+ content. Some commenters want more celebrities in the game, and others want more House Party characters. And some want us to prioritize Office Party, while others want us to keep supporting House Party with fresh content.


We want to make a game that as many of you love as possible. Whether that means adding more characters of different genders, NSFW 18+ guests, or DLCs based around non-guest characters, we want to hear from you! So, we put together a quick feedback form to help us see what we should focus on!


Fill out our Future of House Party Survey here to share your opinions with us and help make House Party a better game for as many players as possible!

NSFW Scene Confirmed In The House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack!


Will the next party guest get dirty with you in the next DLC? The answer is YES!


The alluring next party guest brings a smoking hot brand new explicit scene to the game in the House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack!


In the House Party base game, you’ll experience a mind-blowing new sex scene where the new guest will get dirty with you in a hot new cutscene!


It’s gonna get filthy, doods and lady-doods. The content will be as NSFW and explicit as the big base game scenes for Madison, Amy, Katherine, Lety, etc. – but it will challenge your stamina more than any other character in the game!



And if you have the House Party – Explicit Content Add-On in your library (and it’s enabled in your main menu), you’ll be able to experience the uncut version of the sexy new guest’s deliciously erotic adult encounter! 


Plus, you’ll be able to enable POV intimacy for a personalized naughty experience!


Get ready to get nasty with the next guest in her full risqué glory…and solve a crazy murder mystery, too, of course. 



What about console commands and custom stories? At this time, the new guest will not be available for use in Custom Stories, and we are currently still working on obtaining consent for use of explicit Console Commands with her!


We’ll give you info on if these become available as soon as we know more. For now, we’re stoked she’s agreed to completely uncensored naughtiness, and we hope you’re excited to see the arousing new NSFW scene we have planned for her DLC.


Wondering what to expect? The new guest will officially say hello to everyone very soon, and she’ll tell you a bit about what you can expect in the upcoming DLC… 


In the meantime, wishlist the House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack and get ready for a wild mix of nuttiness, naughtiness, and noir to come to the party this Summer, brahs! 


P.S. Don’t forget to wishlist the free Halloween and Winter Holiday Packs, too. We will have some exciting news to share about them soon!


P.P.S. Want a peek at House Party’s development? Join our artist, Zigga, as he textures the game’s washer and dryer! Who knows…you might get a secret glimpse at something coming soon, too! Watch on Discord today at 2:30PM EST!


The House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack is Wishlistable Now!


A cosplayer, streaMer, and actress comes to the party this Summer in House Party’s next guest expansion pack, and she’s working with us to create some of House Party’s sexiest, silliest, and most surprising explicit content yet.


Help the new guest solve a grisly murDer mystery. Witness a shocking crime, track down cLues, catch the culprit, and maybe you’ll grow clXse enough for the new guest to absolutely rock your world.


(The guest is bringing a trunk full of exciting new items to the party! What do you think will be inside…?)


The DLC will add hours of jaw-droppIng content unlike Anything the party has seeN before. The lights Will go out, terror will break out, anD unsolved Mysteries Will come to light In a thrilling new branching OriJinal Story addition focuSed on and fully voice-acted by the exciting new guest!


The House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack is wishlistable on Steam and GOG now, and it will launch on other major download websites this Summer 2023!



What does everyone know about the guest DLc so far?


We’ve shared four big teasers, and hid secret codes in our social media and Steam news posts. But, since you’re here, we decided to make thinqs a little easier – so we hid the code inside this blog post so you don’t haVe to go Rummaging around to find it!


Keep an Eye out for anything out of place and type in the code you find here to unlock a secret early bonus teaser!

(The first 50 partiers to crack the code will get access the early teaser! If you missed it, don’t worry – it’ll go live for all partiers at a later date!)


(Madison looks a little spooked when she opens the new House Party fridge! What do you think she saw inside?)


Miss any of our other guest DLC teasers? Click here to take a look at the new Bloody Knife Item coming to the party and watch the lights go out in our Breaker Panel Teaser Video!


Get hyped for the next DLC, partiers! It’s going to be like nothing the party’s ever seen before!


P.S. Don’t forget that the House Party – Halloween Holiday Pack and House Party – Winter Holiday Pack, will be releasing across all major platforms soon, too! We’re making good progress on getting these ready and can’t wait to share the permanent holidays with you soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day (And Guest Outfit Poll Info!)


Happy Valentine’s Day, doods!


We hope you had an awesome day and made time to cozy up with the party guest of your choice. If you didn’t, thankfully there’s still this weekend to relax and enjoy the post-holiday vibes!


(Speaking of, if you haven’t played “A Vickie Vixen Valentine,” this weekend is a great time to try to schmooze your favorite House Party adult star!)


So, partiers, who was your House Party Valentine this year?



And if you haven’t seen it already, we have exciting news!


On Monday, our artist created some awesome concept images for an upcoming outfit that House Party’s next DLC guest will wear in her expansion pack!


This will be for her in-game “Casual Outfit.”


Our guest chose two favorite “outfit styles,” but she wanted to let our Patrons pick which final style and color option appears in-game!


(There are three color choices for each of the two outfit styles – for six total outfit options to vote on – and twenty votes have been cast so far!)


It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to give Patrons access to development polls, but we’re super excited and can’t wait to see what outfit is chosen!


It’s always difficult as a small team to create and incorporate fun and meaningful polls for Patreon supporters during the busy development process, but this is something we want to get better about – especially for House Party’s future DLCs and Office Party!


So, with that said, all players can expect to see us asking for more feedback as we move through House Party and Office Party’s future development.


Expect to see more surveys like the “Holiday Feedback Form” out and about, so you can help tell us what you love about House Party (or what you wish House Party had) so we can make sure we’re keeping your feedback close and creating games you doods feel passionate about playing.


We are also stoked that our next guest has been so passionate about the House Party community and cares about your opinions so much that she wanted to let you choose her final outfit in the game! Cheers to her brahsomeness! We can’t wait for her to officially introduce herself to you soon.


Want to cast your vote on the outfit? Click here and support us in either our “Alpha Testers With Benefits” or “The Whole Shebang” Patreon tier!


Cheers to the next guest DLC, partiers! We can’t wait to share it with you!


(P.S. Did you spot anything interesting in the new trunk teaser?)


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