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House Party 0.20.0 Released to Alpha Testers

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Vickie’s content is restructured and ready to explore! The order of some dialogues, availability of specific responses, and required actions to progress with Vickie have noticeably changed, and Opportunity UI texts/progress notes for Vickie’s Opportunities (“Training Day” and “Good Guests Gone Bad”) have been updated and improved.

Best of all, when you complete Vickie’s Training, she’ll now offer to help convince your favorite NPC to join you and her in a smoking hot threesome! With new threesome cutscenes and five new threesome animations, there’s a ton of arousing intimacy rewards to enjoy.

Be sure to bring your best schmoozing skills to the table to unlock these steamy rewards, because some NPCs will be more difficult to convince than others. Sure, a few…”enthusiastic” partiers will jump at a shot with you and Vickie, but for others you’re gonna have to put in some work to increase their feelings of friendship and romance towards you. And for a few even pickier doods, be ready to help them with big tasks before they get naughty with you and Ms. Vixen!

Listen closely to the background chatter for a variety of clues about hidden items, NPC backstories, and endgame story content, too. There are a lot of fresh conversations to hear around the house!

Want help navigating the party? Check out the wide variety of new tutorials in the Original Story. You can opt into these via the check box in the Main Menu or Title Screen UI. By default, they’ll show up once while playing and can be reset using a button in the Main Menu. 

You may notice additional story changes, as well:

  • Once Vickie arrives or Rachael’s dares are complete, there’s now closure for why no more dares will occur. 
  • If you’ve been nice to Katherine, she’ll give you back Patrick’s phone instead of keeping it. 
  • “Hey, go over there” dialogues are changed for several characters, so when/how these options present themselves may be affected based on ongoing content/Player decisions. 
  • And if Frank gets knocked out during the first Derek Smash! fight, you’ll no longer have to complete the rest of the Derek Smash! content. Just get in there and back up your buddy!

We also upgraded to Unity 2020 as part of this release, so you dudes will be the first set of players to test House Party built using Unity 2020, and we reworked the input configuration UI as a precursor to introducing full controller support. Full controller support isn’t quite here yet, but we’re laying down the framework for it.

Have fun playtesting the new ending, doods. We’re working hard to get Vickie’s finale all wrapped up in 0.20, and then we’ve got even more awesome shit coming. The female playable character will not be available in this update, but we’re planning to start working on her once Vickie’s new content is complete!

  • Eek Team

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. No translations for this version have been completed at this time.

(Alpha 9/2/2021)


House Party 0.19.4 Stable Release

Do you have the balls to handle the new update? The fully complete Frank story is LIVE, dudes, and his 20 pound softball-sized crotch ornaments of pure muscle are the talk of the party! This is one of our largest updates (over 20% more content since the last major update) and we promise it’s all worth the junk-achingly long wait!

Around the party, you’ll hear new background chatter about Frank. Chat with him directly and you can choose to explore his story where feelings are shattered, naughty bits are revealed, and the party uncovers the true worth of a man’s meat-danglers. The update adds a bunch of gameplay, a major branching ending, and 5 Original Story Opportunities — one of which results in a much deeper bond with Frank.

Watch Derek shake his booty on the dance floor by challenging him to a dance-off! The man’s got serious moves, and you’ll need to find a creative solution to get past him to progress Frank’s story. Good thing there are helpful items and people at the party that can turn the tide in your favor!

All new voice acting for Frank’s update is complete and all missing VA from previous updates has been added!

There are two new ultra-secret items hidden around Madison’s place that can help you win Frank’s affection. And if you DO max out your Friendship with Frank…well, let’s just say he’ll be extra grateful to anyone who goes above and beyond!

BEEP, BOOP… Did we mention Compubrah can now scan Frank? Be sure to check out the wacky new gameplay, and enjoy the stat-boosting benefits!

We nerfed Frank and Leah’s alcohol detection so you can drink slightly closer to them, and if you finish Frank’s storyline and stay platonic BFFs, he and Leah will be more forgiving of booze-related transgressions. Or, if you drive Frank out of the party completely, ALL alcohol-related actions will be forgiven throughout the playthrough!

If you don’t beat up Frank at the end of Leah’s “evil” route for “Broken Code”, you’ll be rewarded for sparing him. Also, practicing your climax skills in Vickie’s “Training Day” Opportunity now earns bonuses to your intimacy recharge rate.

A new cutscene-style intimacy system is here, too! Frank, Katherine, Rachael, and Vickie now all have awesome, unique “finales.” We also added a static cutscene for the Master Bedroom for characters that can get intimate there. Don’t miss this sweet new theater-style content! And, no worries, if you guys prefer the original POV intimacy system, it’s still available via a toggle option in the Main Menu.

We also optimized performance and spruced up the gameplay graphics. These include bug fixes, cleaner aesthetics, improvements to the “missed” Opportunities UI, character model adjustments, and updates for the hot tub so it now looks AND sounds bubbly. Autosaves and the explicit DLC are reliably working again, too, and you can now manually increase your in-game FOV.

Our player community also got House Party fully translated into Turkish! French is all set, too, and we will update additional languages as soon as we can.

Overall, the party’s now fully equipped with an all-new wonderful, dramatic, hilarious, and disgusting experience. The full, unfiltered Frank experience. Enjoy, dudes.

– Eek Team

Patch Notes: https://housepartygame.com/release-notes/

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Translations may have slight cosmetic bugs and be fully or partially incomplete. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. There is a known minor font issue that affects certain Turkish characters that will be fixed in a future update.

House Party 0.19.3 Released to Beta Testers

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Get balls deep in knockout new content, because Beta 0.19.3 is ready to explore!

The Frank storyline is officially complete! All the story content has been added, and we’ve fine-tuned a ton of additional things you can check out in our patch notes below.

There will still be a few more bug fixes before the stable release, but there won’t be new Frank playable content added between now and 0.19.4. If you’ve been waiting for his storyline to be done and the voice acting to be added, now’s your time to dive in and check out all the new shit!

In the update, almost all of the voice acting for the new content is up-to-date, too. You’ll no longer be reading text with only music in the background because our amazing voice actors did a great job of bringing the new dialogue to life. Enjoy experiencing the Frank storyline with full immersion, dudes.

BEEP, BOOP… We also made it so Compubrah can now scan Frank. Be sure to check out the wacky new gameplay, and enjoy the various stat-boosting benefits involved!

Our artists made several minor visual adjustments, added a T-Posing floating animation pose, and included some sweet cutscenes in this update. Check out Vickie’s current ending and Rachael’s “Dare Interference” finale to see exactly what’s new!

You can get intimate faster now, too. Since recent updates increased how long it takes to recharge your “intimacy fluid,” we made it so you can earn new bonuses to your nasty bits recharge rate. Practicing your climax skills as part of Vickie’s “Training Day” Opportunity will now let you get back to tumbling in the sheets…or against the wall…or on the floor…much sooner.

We also fixed some bugs specifically reported by players during the previous Alpha updates. The Game Grumps balloon no longer gets “stuck” when saving and loading, an issue with the keychain becoming inaccessible when mounted to Patrick’s crotch has been fixed, previous problems with music restarting and getting cut off are gone, and the FOV slider no longer resets itself upon entering the Graphics menu.

What the fuck are you waiting for? Be the first to check out all the new shit, and be sure to let us know what you think! Our team has had an awesome time working on the Frank updates so far, and we hope you dudes have been enjoying the new content!

  • Eek! Team

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Voice acting and translations may be partially incomplete. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. There may also be very minor issues with Background Chatter not working as intended.

(Beta 5/6/2021)

House Party 0.19.2 Released to Alpha Testers

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How’s it going, dudes? Alpha 0.19.2 is live, and it brings with it a fuckload of quality of life changes, story adjustments, and much-needed bug fixes! We’ve really polished the shit out of the Frank update for everyone, so we hope you dig the changes.

First, we made some serious performance optimizations and improvements to our intimacy cutscenes. This includes bug fixes, cleaner aesthetics, and, last but not least, we’ve made it so several other NPCs can now star in the master bedroom scene we added on 0.19.1!

We also threw in an option in the in-game menus that lets you toggle the classic POV scenes back on, so you have full control over which type of intimacy experience you’d prefer having.

If you’re hanging out in the hot tub, you may additionally notice that we’ve updated the sound effects in there. We also updated the graphics for the hot tub. It now looks AND sounds bubbly.

Autosaves were also not working in version 0.19.1. This update fixes that.

There are a ton more changes we made, and you can check out the full list in our Patch Notes. With this update, the new Frank content and the general Original Story content should be much cleaner. This should make the gameplay smoother as we continue working toward wrapping up the base game story content, so enjoy the changes!

  • Eek! Team

Note: Older save files may no longer be compatible. Voice acting and translations may be fully or partially incomplete. Custom stories may no longer function as intended. 

Background chatter may also have a few bugs, which may significantly affect some of the Game Grumps content. Some cutscenes may prematurely end by a few seconds. There are also known bugs causing music to restart every time the game is paused and cutscene music volume to not be affected by the in-game music volume slider.

FOV can now be set 75, but currently it can be accidentally reset to 60 due to a bug if you re-enter the Graphics Menu AFTER setting it to 75.


(Alpha 3/26/2021)


House Party 0.19.1 Released to Alpha Testers

If you are a Patron or would like to learn how to become one, click here.

We know you doods have been waiting for more Frank content to release, and you’re in luck! 

You can get a closer look at his enormously juicy dangling manberries right now in the new Alpha 0.19.1 update. We’ve packed seriously hilarious shit into this alpha, so get hyped, but don’t you fucking dare sneak into the liquor cabinet and drink any of that forbidden devil elixir.

What’s new? We know you’ve been itching to take a peek at Derek’s smoking hot bod, so we made it possible. Get him to agree to show you some of his sweet dance moves, and then light the fireplace up! Enjoy the wildness that ensues afterward.

We also added two super-secret items in the house that can help you win the affections of your favorite bald dude with extremely large testicles! Did we mention his balls are really, really big? Well, they’re even bigger than you think.

Additionally, we added a sexy stripteasing lap dance scene featuring Stephanie. Be sure to check it out, because it’s fucking hot!

In the same realm of hotness as the spicy striptease, we added some first steps toward a brand new intimacy scene system. This is super fucking cool and we’re stoked to share it: We plan to add sexy cutscenes for all the characters during intimate scenes. Available in this alpha update will be Frank, Katherine, and a static master bedroom cutscene for sex with all other characters.

Keep in mind that this is still in progress and may have a couple of unforeseen bugs, so please let us know if you run into any or if you have suggestions for the cutscenes! The original legacy intimacy system will also still be available in the Custom Story Creator.

Frank and Leah’s booze consumption spidey senses have also been turned down. You’ll still have to stay out of their patrol zones, but you’ll be able to safely drink a bit closer to them. Keep in mind that if you maximize your Friendship with Frank and keep building positive feelings, you’ll now be rewarded with a Romance boost. 

During Leah’s storyline, you’ll notice a change, too. If you choose not to beat up Frank during Leah’s evil route, there is now at least one meaningful reward for sparing the life of your favorite alcohol-patrolling skinhead. Violence never solves problems, doods. Also, if you complete Frank’s storyline and become platonic BFFs with him, both he and Leah will be more forgiving of your booze-related actions as long as you maintain that friendship with Frank. 

As a separate path opportunity in Frank’s storyline, you may humiliate and drive him out of the party completely, in which ALL alcohol-related actions will be completely forgiven throughout the rest of the playthrough.

Another addition to this update is the ability to increase the in-game FOV to 75. You dudes have been asking for this for a while now, so thanks for your patience! To adjust this, go to Graphics Options, change the value to 75, and hit Apply.

You can check out all the changes in the full patch notes, and we’re working on a new system for letting you know which ones are available to you during each playthrough versus which Opportunities you’ve messed up and can no longer access. 

Be sure to report those bugs, playtest the shit out of the new content, and tell us everything you think about Frank’s massive meat clackers- uh, we mean about the Alpha update. Enjoy the content, doods!

  • Eek Team

Note: In this alpha, there is a known bug that can sometimes cause the FOV settings to reset.

(Alpha 3/5/2021)


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