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House Party Stable Release 1.0.6 – POV Intimacy & UI Improvements

House Party Stable Release 1.0.6 is ready to play – and it’s packed with smoking hot new POV intimacy updates!


We’ve wanted to deliver an update focused on expanding the Explicit Add-On for a while now, so we’re hyped to share this with everyone and hope you’re stoked to explore the sweet stuff we added in this update!


So, what did we add? Check it out, doods:


  • Spicier Female Player Intimacy: The POV intimacy system will better correspond with the female player story. You can now access POV intimacy for the female content!


  • POV Intimacy Will Be More Gender-Accurate: Now female-female intimacy will prefer to use more gender accurate pairing acts – like scissoring (yeah, that’s new!) rather than male-female or male-male acts.


  • New Female-Centric POV Intimacy Poses: Scissoring, fingering, and female-centric sixty-nine 


  • A Newly-Implemented Frank Cutscene: We added a cutscene that was only available through console commands to the gameplay. Enjoy a blowjob featuring the male protagonist and your favorite booze-hating bald dude!


  • Top & Bottom M/M Position Swapping: During POV sex between the male player and male NPCs, you can now also swap between top and bottom positions!


  • A New Main User Interface Sound Scheme: As you move and click around the menus in House Party, there are satisfying new sound effects that show when you’re hovering over and clicking on things.


  • Extra Polish For Custom Story Cosmetic Issues: Certain stories that made use of held drinks, or custom Character names, should see fewer immersion breaks. Additional small emotive, sound, and cosmetic issues for POV intimacy have also been remedied, too (check our patch notes)!


  • Bug Fixes: Vickie’s “Training Day”, Compubrah-VR bugs, and several UI issues have now been fixed!


Enjoy the steamy new explicit update, brahs. Have fun playing it again. And again. And again. Please have mercy on your keyboards, though, and be sure to clean your hands after checking out the new content.


Want to see more of the changes? Click here to check out our CHANGE LOG:   


-Eek! Team

House Party 1.0.1 Stable Release

After-Party Bug Fixes & Performance Updates Arrive In House Party Stable Release 1.0.1!

The exciting post-release after-party is here, doods and lady-doods!


If you’ve been watching our updates lately, you know that the Doja Cat DLC is coming along awesomely, and we’re still working super hard on improving the base game, too! Also, we’re proud to announce that House Party’s Stable Release 1.0.1 is available to all players now!


What’s in this fancy new release? Well, before House Party left Early Access, we added some of the biggest graphical improvements that the party had seen thus far, and we also added some pretty graphically intense cutscenes. In this update, we worked hard to account for these graphical upgrades by adding a ton of optimization improvements!


We have also significantly reduced the memory that House Party uses, increased the frame rate of the game, improved frame drop and game lag issues in the yard (which were reported by multiple partiers), and fixed several crashing and stability problems. The game should be a much smoother and consistent experience for everyone going forward!


Thanks to these changes, House Party also runs smoother on the Steam Deck! You should find that the game now plays great on Ultra settings.


Of course, a handful of bug fixes and other changes to existing content were added in this update, too! It should be much harder for characters to accidentally fall outside the game world (total party foul right?), new translation components were added to the “hard coded” English text so translators can make more progress on localization, and we improved some sight check/culling check settings.


You can also now grab more items around the house, and keen-eyed players might spot a few mysterious, spoilery items hanging out and about in the game world!


Want to see a full list of the changes? Read our patch notes below.

-Eek! Team


Note: Custom stories may no longer function as intended, until updated by their owner/author.

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