NSFW Scene Confirmed In The House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack!


Will the next party guest get dirty with you in the next DLC? The answer is YES!


The alluring next party guest brings a smoking hot brand new explicit scene to the game in the House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack!


In the House Party base game, you’ll experience a mind-blowing new sex scene where the new guest will get dirty with you in a hot new cutscene!


It’s gonna get filthy, doods and lady-doods. The content will be as NSFW and explicit as the big base game scenes for Madison, Amy, Katherine, Lety, etc. – but it will challenge your stamina more than any other character in the game!



And if you have the House Party – Explicit Content Add-On in your library (and it’s enabled in your main menu), you’ll be able to experience the uncut version of the sexy new guest’s deliciously erotic adult encounter! 


Plus, you’ll be able to enable POV intimacy for a personalized naughty experience!


Get ready to get nasty with the next guest in her full risqué glory…and solve a crazy murder mystery, too, of course. 



What about console commands and custom stories? At this time, the new guest will not be available for use in Custom Stories, and we are currently still working on obtaining consent for use of explicit Console Commands with her!


We’ll give you info on if these become available as soon as we know more. For now, we’re stoked she’s agreed to completely uncensored naughtiness, and we hope you’re excited to see the arousing new NSFW scene we have planned for her DLC.


Wondering what to expect? The new guest will officially say hello to everyone very soon, and she’ll tell you a bit about what you can expect in the upcoming DLC… 


In the meantime, wishlist the House Party – Murder Mystery Expansion Pack and get ready for a wild mix of nuttiness, naughtiness, and noir to come to the party this Summer, brahs! 


P.S. Don’t forget to wishlist the free Halloween and Winter Holiday Packs, too. We will have some exciting news to share about them soon!


P.P.S. Want a peek at House Party’s development? Join our artist, Zigga, as he textures the game’s washer and dryer! Who knows…you might get a secret glimpse at something coming soon, too! Watch on Discord today at 2:30PM EST!