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House Party Stable Release 1.0.6 – POV Intimacy & UI Improvements

House Party Stable Release 1.0.6 is ready to play – and it’s packed with smoking hot new POV intimacy updates!


We’ve wanted to deliver an update focused on expanding the Explicit Add-On for a while now, so we’re hyped to share this with everyone and hope you’re stoked to explore the sweet stuff we added in this update!


So, what did we add? Check it out, doods:


  • Spicier Female Player Intimacy: The POV intimacy system will better correspond with the female player story. You can now access POV intimacy for the female content!


  • POV Intimacy Will Be More Gender-Accurate: Now female-female intimacy will prefer to use more gender accurate pairing acts – like scissoring (yeah, that’s new!) rather than male-female or male-male acts.


  • New Female-Centric POV Intimacy Poses: Scissoring, fingering, and female-centric sixty-nine 


  • A Newly-Implemented Frank Cutscene: We added a cutscene that was only available through console commands to the gameplay. Enjoy a blowjob featuring the male protagonist and your favorite booze-hating bald dude!


  • Top & Bottom M/M Position Swapping: During POV sex between the male player and male NPCs, you can now also swap between top and bottom positions!


  • A New Main User Interface Sound Scheme: As you move and click around the menus in House Party, there are satisfying new sound effects that show when you’re hovering over and clicking on things.


  • Extra Polish For Custom Story Cosmetic Issues: Certain stories that made use of held drinks, or custom Character names, should see fewer immersion breaks. Additional small emotive, sound, and cosmetic issues for POV intimacy have also been remedied, too (check our patch notes)!


  • Bug Fixes: Vickie’s “Training Day”, Compubrah-VR bugs, and several UI issues have now been fixed!


Enjoy the steamy new explicit update, brahs. Have fun playing it again. And again. And again. Please have mercy on your keyboards, though, and be sure to clean your hands after checking out the new content.


Want to see more of the changes? Click here to check out our CHANGE LOG:   


-Eek! Team

Are Sex and Nudity Bad?

Sex and nudity are strange concepts in western society. This is especially true for women – regarding nudity, a woman’s clothing choices are up for public debate her entire life. Like, school dress codes have long perpetuated the idea that her clothing choices somehow dictate her value as a person. School officials often monitor things as irrelevant as tank tops with thin straps, which sends a powerful message on how girls need to dress performatively, i.e., they need to acclimate themselves to society, or else there will be consequences. 

In America, this concept of monitoring how women dress echoes our wholly unproductive approach to sex education… and calling it “sex education” is a stretch. It’s more like, “if you have sex before marriage, terrible things happen” education. The Journal of Adolescent Health published a study focusing on the effectiveness of abstinence-only education, and the findings are (not) shocking: it doesn’t work (Santelli et al., 2017). And while it doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean it isn’t ineffective; it’s just effective in the wrong ways. 

By teaching abstinence, we vilify the act itself. This creates an environment where sex cannot be discussed openly or safely, which opens the floodgates for ill-informed, secretive actions. Needless to say, these teachings follow us into adulthood. People often think that talking about sex is taboo, and many shy away from it. Certain religions (not naming any names, but you know) commonly promote the idea that sex before marriage is sacrilegious and is a surefire way to pave your path toward The Dark Side. So, while we may be years past the “sexed education” we had to sit through in middle school, we are still plagued by conflicting, confusing messages about nudity and sex. 

With all of that said, sex and nudity sell. The pornography industry takes in anywhere from $15 billion to $97 billion a year (Naughton, 2018). Outside of adult videos, industries like clothing, self-care, and (not inherently sexual) entertainment like music, television, films, and more all utilize sex-appeal and partial or full nudity to sell their products or services. People want to consume sex and nudity. Yet, for some reason, there’s a huge disconnect between public opinion and how we allow ourselves to consume it. 

So, this begs the question: are sex and nudity bad? If our society both demonizes and values it, how can we possibly navigate a sex saturated world without getting a big, throbbing headache? 

The answer is pretty simple: sex and nudity aren’t actually bad. They’re natural – like, none of us would be here without sex and nudity. Because, you know, one can’t happen without the other. It should be completely normal to discuss sex among consenting adults like we would discuss our favorite morning coffee or our preference of movie genre. Sex and nudity are a natural part of life. The more we can talk about it, the healthier a relationship we will have with it. 

Regarding Video Games

Obviously, there’s a reason that we’re talking about this. House Party, our player-choice game, has moments of sex and nudity. Because, well, what’s a good house party without those things? While the game focuses on comedy and storytelling, House Party has nonetheless gained a reputation as a sex game or an explicit game. We’re even banned from Twitch because the game contains options for (if you pay for the explicit content add-on) graphic sexual encounters. Mind you, the encounters are always enthusiastically consensual, and you have to work your a** off to achieve them.

But yeah, there’s sex in our game. There’s comedy and pranks and puzzles to solve and stories to hear and relationships to make or break. And sex. We made a game all about having fun at a party.  We’ve heard sex is fun… so we focus on sex positivity.

Our game rewards “good” decisions like supporting, empathizing, or assisting NPCs and penalizes “bad” ones like being misogynistic, hurtful, or dishonest. It’s designed to encourage goofy creativity and make you laugh. Sex and nudity are a bonus to hard work and dedication to tasks, so if you don’t want to see them, you do not have to go down those paths. 

That said, if you do want to see them, see them! Sex is not bad, and neither is nudity. Don’t get lost in the sex scenes, though – there are still lots of debaucherous shenanigans to get into, like saving Lety from Leah’s sales pitch for a personal defense studio or helping Amy complete her sorority’s scavenger hunt so she can make more friends.  

And, if you’re interested in House Party now… you can buy it on Steam, EPIC Games, and GOG.



Naughton, J. (2018, December 30). Growth of internet porn tells us more about ourselves than technology | John Naughton. The Guardian. Retrieved November 7, 2022, from 

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House Party 1.0.3 Stable Release – Halloween Update

House Party Stable Release 1.0.3 - Halloween Update


Warning: There are spooky elements and creepy critters in this limited-time mini-update. If that makes the party too scary, read the instructions at the end of this post on how to not play the event and enjoy the original version of the game.


Happy Halloween, partiers! 


The house looks a little different this Halloween, and so do some of your fellow partygoers!


Madison’s decked the place out with a few chilling decorations, and some of the more Halloween-minded guests have put on a sinister special accessory to celebrate. Be sure to fully explore the party, as you’ll encounter spine-chilling seasonal decor and a petrifying new limited-time cosmetic item!


This mini-update comes as a free temporary patch that’s available to all Steam players. The eerie visuals will revert back to normal approximately two weeks after Halloween, so enjoy them while you can!


Not in a Halloween mood? Are the new decorations too harrowing? To swap back to the regular base version of the game, go to the Properties for House Party in Steam, select “Betas”, and then choose either the “1.0.3” or “testing” beta branches to play the regular version! Feel free to do this at any time to get rid of the spooky seasonal appearance!


Note: At this time, the seasonal accessory and household decorations will be visible in all custom stories. To revert to the normal world aesthetics, please swap to the “1.0.3” or “testing” beta branches which host the regular version of the game.

-Eek! Team




house party happy halloween

Eek! Games Got to Chat with Doja Cat for a Coveted Q&A

With the recent hype about Doja Cat coming to our House Party, the popular digital entertainment network was able to get a coveted exclusive with, as Frank calls her, Ms. Cat herself.

Here’s what our favorite global superstar had to reveal:

Is your music in the game?

“Yes! Part of the story is to help me stream a live video, and I get to perform Kiss Me More – on top of a hot tub of course. The party also has its own playlist and if you get my mp3 player you can hook it up to the sound system and I think you can play Woman and Get Into It, Yuh and Kiss Me More. And yes, I have an mp3 player. Don’t throw shade.”

How authentic is your character? Is it Doja Cat or Doja Cat acting as an NPC?

“This character is me. You get to party with me, Doja Cat the performer, but you also get to meet me, Amala, the girl next door. But it’s not like I’m some dissociative character, it’s all just me. Eek Games made my digital character using photos and videos of me with real outfits I’ve worn and I voiced my own lines and collaborated on my own story.”

What was your favorite part about making the game?

“It was exciting to see the behind the scenes process – seeing all the steps it took to bring my character to life and reviewing all the story concepts and visuals when they came in. But I have to say the best part was the voice acting. I was able to let loose and ad-lib a lot of the lines. Being able to live inside this story was a great experience.”

The game is banned on Twitch despite receiving an M-rating from the ESRB and there is a larger conversation about the acceptable level of gratuitous violence in video games versus the censorship of nudity. What are your thoughts on that discussion?

“Unban me, bitches!”

We’re trying, Doja! Stay tuned for further discussion on this larger conversation about Twitch because as you can imagine, we’ve got plenty more to say.

Cheggout the Revolt exclusive here:

What Your Favorite House Party Character Says About You – Part Two

As promised, we’re continuing the decidedly unoriginal series that tells you who you are based on your favorite House Party character. Because if anyone knows who you are, it’s certainly a bunch of video game developers and a blog writer in her mid-twenties who has no idea what she’s doing with her life… Yikes, okay, let’s get this show on the road before this gets too deep.


Besides your borderline unjustified hatred for your siblings, you feel connected to Madison because of your shared love for art. Paint by the numbers? So, what? Art mirrors life, and isn’t life just one big painting by the numbers? Graduate high school, don’t do drugs, go to college, get a 9-5 and waste your life away so capitalist America can profit off your existence – isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? So, if you’re painting by the numbers of life, and sometimes things bleed out a bit – hey, that’s just art at its finest. And all that spiritual mumbo jumbo? Even though you know that’s bullshit, you love it because it gives you something to obsess about instead of your own spiraling existential dread.


If one thing is sure, it’s that you hate pranks. Much like Ashley’s disdain for her sister’s constant shenanigans, you find pranks (especially the ones centered on you) to be immature and annoying. Ashley’s probably your go-to gal because 1. Who doesn’t love a zebra tank top? And 2. You always wished you could pull off a side part, but you just can’t. Ugh. Okay – maybe the side part thing is a stretch. Anyways, you’re down-to-earth, well-rounded, and intelligent enough to navigate a friend group filled with metaphorical Franks and Leahs. Oh, and you absolutely love a good time, but not such a good time that you become a Patrick because… well, Patrick sucks.


You’re witty, clever, and take no shit – at least, that’s what you tell yourself. That’s probably why Katherine attracts you: her no-nonsense attitude, followed by her overflow of information once she trusts you, mirrors your shitload of self-confidence. If it’s not your opinion, it’s wrong, and you have no shame about that. We’re going to guess that your romantic partners either have no thoughts of their own, or they have just as many opinions as you, and you guys don’t always (if ever) meet eye to eye.


Well, we know for sure that you’re guarded. Once people carefully get to know you, though, you’re pretty cool and always have wild stories to tell. Much like Rachael’s got her secret flower tattoo, you’ve got your fair share of knick-knacks or weird-smelling erasers that you don’t show people until you’re sure they can be trusted. Rachael resonates with you because you don’t put up with shitheads like Patrick (Ugh, Patrick), and you’re always one alcoholic beverage away from knocking some idiot dude on his ass. Oh, and you never back down from a dare – which is why the Vickie Vixen shenanigans really hit home for you.


Oh, Stephanie lovers. You share Stephanie’s exact level of over-the-top (pun intended) confidence and love that she is willing to get low. Literally – like, so low we’re not sure how her AI knees move like that. Much like Stephanie, you enjoy a good time, mainly if that good time includes whip-its. Everyone seems to have opinions about your choices on the weekends – but hey, that’s on them. Underneath it all, you’re quite smart – and when it comes to it, you will do anything to help someone else out. Keep doing you, Stephanie fans, because we all know Stephanie will continue doing her.


Perhaps this list will give you insight into your true self – or perhaps it’ll have you wondering what the heck we’re going on about now. Regardless, we love you for spending your time at our House Party. While Frank may be guarding the alcohol, we certainly aren’t, and we hope you find every hidden bottle of Natty Lite around (hint: there are six). If you want to figure out where the six are, we just want to warn you that Frank and Leah are always one step away from knocking your lights out. So – be careful… but not too careful… if you get our gist.

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